«I» is the operative word

We must recognize that the word «I» in our lives is not the last value. If to count, how many times daily we use the phrases: I think, I want, I’m sure…

«Я» − самое главное слово

The person who is behind this «I» − the protagonist of life of each individual. How we create our own world, determined by our experience, knowledge, worldview. The center of this world is ourselves, and from this position, look and appreciate the reality around us.

And also to assess themselves as better than ourselves, we are nobody knows. But if we ask the opinions of loved ones about this, you may wonder how much different the view from the outside! What for one of us is essential, for the other − a mere trifle.

For example, the ultimate dream of men is a car, but the purchase money is lacking. Other don’t have a car, but this fact did not upset. His thoughts are occupied with another problem: gravely ill mother needed emergency surgery, to collect a large amount as soon as possible.

With his «I» need to be considered, you have to cherish, to appreciate, respect and accept their uniqueness. Not to forget that nearby there are unique people, with your loved ones, important and unique «I».

Any emerging between people, the conflict is a clash of two «I», each of which has the right to be heard and understood. And even if you think that the opponent is not right, respect his opinion. The point of view of another person is not less valuable just because it differs from yours.

Love and appreciate other people, they are also unique and different, they also have the right to their own opinion.

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