The incubation period of chickenpox in children and adults: symptoms and infectiousness

Chickenpox – children viral infection that rarely responds to treatment with medications. The disease has no age limits, she does not spare neither infants nor adults and even the elderly. Considering how long is the incubation period of chickenpox, it is easy to protect yourself and your child from the source of the disease. Should I be afraid of and hide from smallpox of children? The unknown scares new parents, sometimes it makes us do rash steps in the treatment. The reply is simple – soothing.

Features of the chickenpox virus

Disease refers to a volatile viral with the universal susceptibility, and is transmitted by air transport. Features of this chickenpox:

  1. Chicken pox can spread quickly with the flow of air over long distances. To live to a ripe old age and not to recover from chicken pox is very difficult.
  2. The virus is killed by sunlight, heat, and air cooling.
  3. Chickenpox – a disease of childhood, however, adults it is transmitted too.
  4. During infection of a pregnant woman has the risk of causing irreparable harm, alters the normal development of the fetus.
  5. When the infection in the sixth month of pregnancy and later the child passed the virus and antibodies to it. In this case the kid out of danger.
  6. In childhood chickenpox occurs with ease, what can be said about a sick adult.
  7. The severity of the disease is inherited. If a parent in childhood had smallpox with complications, it is likely that his children will also suffer. If they become infected, they will be hurt severely.

The infection

When interacting with a sick person is almost 100% likely to become infected with chickenpox. A gateway for the introduction of the virus is the mucosa of the respiratory tract. To get infected with chicken pox should not be around patients. If in a kindergarten in a parallel group of a sick child, all the children of this institution are in contact with the patient and probably get sick too. The infection is transmitted in the incubation period of chickenpox as follows:


  • during the communication;
  • when sneezing and coughing;
  • while the carrier of the virus in the same room;
  • breastfeeding.

How many days is manifested

Since contact of a person with the virus of chickenpox the first symptoms appear on day 14. All these two weeks, when the child becomes a carrier of the pathogen, are asymptomatic. Then manifest signs:

  • fever up to 38.5°C;
  • severe headache;
  • weakness, drowsiness;
  • the appetite is absent;
  • skin rash all over the body;
  • itching on the affected areas.

If parents do not had chicken pox and don’t know how to manifest the disease, they should look at the photo. It becomes clear that chickenpox has a characteristic rash. Pimples look like a bubble filled with liquid. By scratching the capsule bursts and the pus flows out. Every day there are fresh pimples and old ones dry up and crust, which falls off independently. This update process of the rash takes about a week. The measures needed to comply with chickenpox:

  1. Hygienic routine: daily washing under a shower or in a cool bath can relieve itchy skin.
  2. It is impossible to comb the pimples, otherwise if they become damaged there is a chance of infection. In place of the scratching may be left scarred for life.
  3. Doctors recommend drinking a lot of water to prevent dehydration.
  4. You can’t force a child to eat if he’s not hungry: all the energy is spent on fighting disease and digesting food forces remains.
  5. It is necessary to maintain cool, fresh air in the room where the child is placed.
  6. Don’t use antihistamines: may develop overdose.

How long is the incubation period in adults and children

Once in the human body, the virus undergoes an incubation period which takes between 10 and 21 days. During this time a pathogen overcomes the way through the respiratory system and is concentrated in the mucosa of the nasopharynx and can be transmitted to others. In all ages the incubation period of chicken pox occurs in three main stages:

  1. The beginning of the period is characterized by the ingestion of the causative agent of the disease, are asymptomatic.
  2. The development period is caused by multiplication of viruses in human blood.
  3. The final period is characterized by the appearance of major symptoms. At this time there is an active development of immunity, the body directs all the forces to fight infection.

In what period and how long is contagious chicken pox

The carrier of the virus chickenpox is a direct threat, infecting the people around them. The danger of infecting loved ones with chicken pox arises from the fifth day of penetration of the pathogen Herpes Zoster in the human body. This period ends on the fifth day after the appearance of the latest pimples. At this time in kindergartens and schools are declared forced vacation.

Providers determine how many days long is quarantine for chicken pox. He is set for a period of two weeks. The question of whether to avoid contact with the ill person with chicken pox, controversial. Many parents and doctors recommend to arrange the meeting of the patient and a healthy baby, that the child as early as possible suffered this illness. The reason is that children suffer chickenpox adults much easier.

How to avoid infection

If you don’t want to catch chickenpox, you should be wary of those places where there are carriers of the virus. Kindergarten establishes a quarantine to healthy children sick with chickenpox. Considering that the infection occurs until the appearance of the first symptoms, when the child continues to attend educational institutions, the risks of getting this disease is almost 100%.

Many use gauze dressing when in public places, but it is ineffective. The virus Varicella-Zoster has an excellent penetrating ability to protect itself from it very difficult. If the city declared an epidemic of chicken pox, this period is better to stay at home. Warning applies to:

  • pregnant;
  • children under the first year of life;
  • elderly.

Video about the symptoms, treatment and incubation period chicken pox

The movie will be interesting for young parents who have no idea what the chicken pox. Find out how many days sick children of this disease. The pediatrician will talk about the primary symptoms, what tests will help to identify chickenpox in the initial period. From the video, you specify the number of days that passes itching and skin rashes. The video educational and informative for not only parents but health professionals and educational institutions. Responsible people should know how many days chickenpox is treated, to correctly set the quarantine at the school.


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