Diet food for weight loss: foods, recipes and menu for the week

In medicine this concept is used to determine a particular diet that only includes foods that help therapy or prevention of diseases. In addition, a healthy diet is used for aesthetic purposes – to lose weight. Unlike mono diet, where strict restrictions menu, diet meals does not abuse the body. Therapeutic diet does not allow for a significant reduction of calories consumed, as this leads to retardation of metabolic processes, energy savings and, as a consequence – to the beginning of the deposits of extra pounds.

Principles of diet for slimming

Below are the basic principles:

  1. Adherence to the meal. Losing weight or sick person must strictly adhere to the set time meals, rather than snacking. Between Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be between 4 to 6 hours.
  2. Thorough chewing of food. The sense of fullness comes only after 20 minutes after eating. If after eating you feel that you ate – you just need to wait.
  3. Can not eat late at night. If you go to 10-11 o’clock, dinner is not later than 6-7 PM. Feeling hungry after the main meal, you can drink half a Cup of low fat yogurt or eat an Apple.
  4. Drinking a lot of water, natural juices, herbal tea. It will reduce your appetite and you no longer want to snack between meals.
  5. It is necessary to arrange fasting days. During this time allowed the use of only one type of diet product, preferably the fruit or vegetable.
  6. Not worth it to completely abandon your favorite foods. Sometimes you can eat some «forbidden» food, so not to break and not to gain lost diet diet weight.

Sample menu for a week


  1. Morning: serving of steamed water for oatmeal, a Cup of unsweetened tea, 1 scrambled eggs.
  2. Lunch: 200 g fish steamed, boiled brown rice, fresh salad.
  3. Evening: a small piece of boiled beef, 200 g of fresh vegetables.


  1. Morning: oatmeal, grapefruit, a glass of low fat milk.
  2. Lunch: steamed chicken breast, serving of braised cabbage.
  3. Evening: 200-250 g of vegetable salad, some shrimp or marine fish.


  1. Morning: orange juice, oatmeal, banana.
  2. Lunch: Turkey fillet steamed, brown rice, fresh vegetables.
  3. Dinner: boiled chicken, salad of greens and vegetables.



  1. Morning: couple of hard boiled eggs, fruit juice, oatmeal.
  2. Lunch: fish boiled or steamed, fresh vegetable salad, rice.
  3. Evening: fresh vegetables, boiled meat.


  1. Morning: a Cup of yogurt, muesli, banana.
  2. Lunch: boiled potatoes, Apple, chicken breast for a couple.
  3. Dinner: boiled fish, fresh vegetables in large quantities.


  1. Morning: oatmeal, milk.
  2. Lunch: rice, fish steamed, vegetables.
  3. Evening: grilled chicken fillet, fresh salad.


  1. Morning: 2 hard-boiled eggs or an omelette, a glass of Apple juice.
  2. Lunch: vegetables, boiled beef.
  3. Evening: diet chicken, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Recipes for every day

Diet menus promotes weight loss and maintenance of weight in normal. It helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, to improve the functioning of the intestines, gallbladder and liver. Healthy eating nourishes the body with required minerals, vitamins, essential trace minerals. The inclusion in the diet quality fresh food and prevents the development of different pathologies and leads to a noticeable improvement of health of the person. Below diet recipes for weight loss at home, included in the collection of meatless dishes.

Dietary steam cutlets:

  1. Prepare 0.5 kg of ground beef, one third loaf, 2 eggs, 1 onion, a clove of garlic, spices and 150 ml milk.
  2. The insides of the loaf crust and pour the milk crumb.
  3. In a separate bowl slice the garlic and onions.
  4. Add all the prepared ingredients to mince, mix thoroughly products.
  5. Form the shape of cutlets and cook diet dish steamed about 25-35 minutes.

Diet stewed chicken hearts:

  1. Prepare 0,5 kg of fresh hearts, 1 onion and carrots.
  2. Rinse and Pat dry the hearts, remove them from the fat.
  3. Fry on sarode heart for 10 minutes.
  4. Preparing hearts, can chop the onion half rings and carrots grate.
  5. Add to the pan the vegetables, cook the dish diet another 10 minutes under a lid, adding a little water, and salted.

Diet casserole with cottage cheese no eggs:

  1. You will need: 0.4 kg of cheese, 4 tbsp of semolina, a quarter teaspoon of salt and same of soda, 2 tablespoons sugar.
  2. Mix the cheese with sugar, by wiping with a spoon until smooth.
  3. Gradually add the semolina, baking soda and salt. Again stir well.
  4. Grease a baking dish with oil, put in her dough.
  5. The oven is pre-heated to 180-190 degrees, then put a casserole. After 35-40 minutes, delicious diet meal is ready.

A list of diet foods

Products for proper nutrition is conventionally divided into two types – normal and healthy food technologists specially designed for dietary table. First used by people who want to lose weight, while the latter are designed to suffering from different diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, gastritis, pancreatitis, etc. As a rule, to the base diet of the diet include the following foods:

  • lean meats;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • a little chicken eggs;
  • lean fish;
  • unsweetened yogurt;
  • cereal;
  • fruits, vegetables;
  • green tea, chicory.

Features diet

Self-chosen diet for weight loss can cause irreparable damage to the body. It functions as a complex mechanism that should receive a sufficient number of different substances, including trace elements and vitamins. Otherwise, the person starts to hurt. For example, if the diet does not include foods rich in magnesium and potassium, crashing gives heart. Lack of calcium leads to the deterioration of the complexion, brittle nails and hair, the infringement of regenerative functions of the skin. It is therefore important that diet was an experienced dietitian.


Diet in diseases of can serve as an integral part of treatment or to be the primary means of therapy such as, for example, stomach ulcers. Chronic diseases are forcing people to constantly adhere to a dietary diet, making this food the norm. Violation of this rule is fraught with unpleasant consequences. Every disease implies a prohibition of eating certain foods:

  • It is important to follow a diet regime with allergies, completely eliminating the product-pathogen from the diet and reducing the overall load on the body by adhering to the rules of good nutrition. People with allergies should eat only easily digestible food, breaking food into 5-6 receptions.
  • Diet for gastritis involves avoiding foods that irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. It’s all kinds of sauces, spices, smoked and salty foods, chocolate, alcoholic beverages.
  • Obesity nutritionist assigns the patient a low calorie diet. However, a diet full of a person should be balanced and contain all necessary body substances.
  • In case of serious poisoning too is necessary to adhere to the dietary intake. For quick recovery it is better in 2-3 days go to easy meals. On the first day do not have any food on the second day allowed unsweetened tea and crackers, then gradually enter into the diet of low-fat dairy food, a little cereal gruels, broth on the vegetables.

For children

Obesity in children is a topical problem. Child, overweight, becomes passive, immobile, often sick. On the background of deterioration of health, because of the ridicule of their peers are developing complexes. If your child has this problem, to solve it immediately is because the older a person is, the harder it will be to overcome the disease. Obesity is easier to prevent, however, if you adhere to a dietary diet, it is possible to cope with an existing problem. Baby food diet should do, you need to do:

  • to keep diet;
  • to remove from the diet of fried foods;
  • to cut the semi-finished products, sausage;
  • to Supplement diet of fresh vegetables, fruits;
  • to follow the drinking regime child (liter of water a day is the norm);
  • excluded from the dietary intake of unnatural seasonings, mayonnaise, ketchup;
  • to reduce the amount of salt in food;
  • to forbid the child to eat sugary soda

For pregnant women

A balanced diet is one of the main conditions for a successful outcome of the pregnancy and birth of a healthy child. Because pregnant women need more nutrients, the daily amount of food consumed increases. However, nutritionists recommend not to abuse food and to ensure that the expenditure and income of calories were equalized. Pregnant women need to move more regularly and provide the body with physical exercises.

In the first half of pregnancy it is better that the food was four-time. Moreover, the Breakfast should include about 30% of consumed calories, snack – 15%, lunch – 40-45%, and dinner 5-10%. After the fifth month of pregnancy the woman better to split the meals into 5-6 meals. From caffeine and hot spices should refuse, filling diet of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Video about diet food tables

Diet diet is an effective treatment for many diseases, which in extreme cases allows you to avoid surgery. Sometimes a special menu is the only valid method of therapy, for example, diabetes. A diet regime implies not just eating «proper» food, but also compliance with the rules of their preparation. For each group of pathologies has a dietary table. To learn more about what the diet suitable in various occasions, by watching the video below.


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