26 weeks pregnant

At 26 weeks covered two-thirds of pregnancy. This is how many months? Obstetric calendar this is the second week of the seventh month, or the end of the sixth calendar month of the second trimester. There is very little to maternity leave, and the woman already mostly lost in thought about upcoming childbirth and motherhood, many expectant mothers are already actively engaged in preparing dowry for crumbs and arranging the nursery. The baby is already big enough and his movements, the mother felt very clearly, sometimes very painful. Now the body is actively being improved and prepared for extrauterine life.

The development of the fetus at 26 weeks: weight: size and gender

In this period the fetus reaches the masses in the 750-900 g and growth at about 36 see, He was already Mature and grown up, but still to extrauterine life is not yet ready, but if the birth for some reason happens in this period, under special conditions the baby can come out. Now the child spends a lot of time in sleep, on average, he sleeps about 16-20 hours, and the rest of the time actively moving, learns the world, develops the skills. But since the space for the movements is less, then the child gradually adopts a fetal position, pressing his arms and legs to the body, and sometimes it loosens up and straightened them, tossing and turning, clearly feels the mother. Now his movements are felt strongly enough and visible even to others. If the baby moves his legs in the area of the ribs and diaphragm, it can be quite frustrating for women.

Now most of the kids already placed with the head down, but the child still has the opportunity to roll over, so long as worry about its provisions is not necessary. The child is gaining weight due to muscle tissue and fat deposits, while skin is still very thin and red, under it still appear through vessels. The face of the already apparent personality traits – grown lashes and eyebrows, changing facial expression. While the skin is still wrinkled and the baby reminds the old man because of its thinness, but the legs and handles are fattening. Start rounded cheeks, the baby occasionally opens his eyes, but still able to see only blurred patches of color. He has a well-developed hearing, and it can actively respond to sounds from the mother’s body and from the outside, from sudden loud noises, he fades, nice music calms down. The baby can remember sounds after birth, it will rest on the mother’s breast, again hearing the beating of her heart, remembers the voices of loved ones. The child swallows and digests the amniotic fluid, actively responding to changing their taste due to the power of the mother.

Active is the development of lungs, in preparation for further independent breathing. While the lungs are not expanded, they are trained by submersion in amniotic fluid, gradually taking in your chest the shape of a triangle with a base in the side of the diaphragm. Actively developing bronchi, alveoli progressively synthesize surfactant – a substance that will continue to shoot them from the inside, and will not let them stick together. Krasici in the nose and ears are still soft, slightly protruding ears, marigolds not yet reach the tips of fingers and very small.

Active is the circulation in the body fetal heart beats with a frequency of about 130-160 beats per minute, there is an active synthesis of its own growth hormone, formed the connection between the brain and the endocrine organs that allows you to actively work the adrenal glands and other glands (thyroid, pancreas, sexual). Girls continuing the formation of the genitalia, in boys the testes descend from the abdominal cavity into the scrotal region. Is the formation of rudiments of permanent dentition in nutria jaw, the beginnings of deciduous teeth. Active calcium is deposited in bone tissue, growing bones, the skeleton is formed.

The feeling of the future mother

Now the most important mom be feeling fetal movements, they are already very active and strong baby can toss and turn, kicking, shoving, pulling limb that changes the shape of the abdomen, apparently to others. In outline you can guess the pen or a leg. Feel the baby may and other members of the family, attaching to the stomach hands or patting him, kid can push. Now the baby’s heartbeat perfectly tapped obstetric stethoscope, sometimes I can listen to it even ear. Their movements baby may even disturb the mother to rest and sleep, so you need to choose a comfortable posture to sleep and try to negotiate with the future child. On average, per day (actually 12 hours) the child should be felt at least 10 times, on average, children move about four times an hour, periods of rest and sleep alternating with activity. But much still depends on the evolving temperament of the child: children have a fairly quiet leisurely, no more tossing and turning, and have children, restless, belly from their movements may go back. Many women notice that the same behavior in the future is noted in children in life.


If perturbations in the daytime and in the concerns you mentioned, is to lay down and calm down, to listen to the child. If perturbations long or they are excessively active and interfere with normal life women should consult a doctor to rule out pathology of development and foetal hypoxia.

Now the most emotionally stable period – all the interests of the mother revolve only around the kid, sidelined with work and home, all aimed at the preparation of the dowry and leaving lists for childbirth. The woman stays in a good mood and relatively good health, despite all the growing tummy. Now the main thing is no stress and negative emotions, heavy physical exertion, concern from the loved ones, rest and proper sleep, proper diet. Now it’s hard to put your shoes on, and you should choose the shoes without buckles and heels, spacious, comfortable clothes. Important now very carefully and slowly to walk, not to fall, not to injure and not to provoke premature birth.

By that time the uterus has risen well above the navel and presses on internal organs, pushing them to the spine, and the diaphragm rises, giving shortness of breath during physical exertion, sometimes there is a desire to breathe deeply. This term can be added already 8-10 kg of weight, which can lead to tired legs and light swelling them. Due to the enlarged uterus by a heavy meal can cause nausea and heartburn. Periods can be felt light training fights, the uterus comes to a tonus to train your fiber for future delivery, but they are irregular, not painful and does not lead to the opening of the cervix.

Because of the action of estrogens may cause fluid retention with formation of edema in the face, fingers, lower legs. Sometimes, the doctor may recommend fasting days or taking herbal medicines to help the kidneys and removing excess fluid. In the area of the fingers is possible numbness or tingling, this may be a problem with circulation or compression of the nerve trunks. On the face and the hands may appear pigmentation spots or freckles, they will pass after birth.

One of the sensitive issues that bring the expectant mother unpleasant sensations are bloating and flatulence, constipation and hemorrhoids. In order to minimize such discomfort, you need to follow the diet and eat more fiber. Due to the stretching of ligaments in the uterus and changes the center of gravity can cause pain in the back and in the pelvic area, easy drive. They quickly go after the rest.

In this period in women who have problems with vision may arise of the deterioration is due to the increase of circulating blood volume and pressure increase, because of the dryness and redness of the eye due to visual stress. It is important to visit an ophthalmologist and get his recommendations for future delivery.

During 26 weeks of pregnancy need to pay attention to the disturbing sensations in the body. Can be triggered by diseases such as cholelithiasis with pain in his right side and digestive disorders. No less alarming are progressing swelling in the extremities and abdominal wall, accompanied by a rise in pressure and strong weight gain is the first sign of preeclampsia. It necessarily leads to the urine protein level and is an immediate treatment.

The condition of the uterus is 26 week obstetric

Careful monitoring of the condition of the uterus in the period of 26 weeks, her bottom up to 6 cm above the umbilicus, and the distance from the womb to the bottom of the uterus is now about 26 cm wide and the uterus reaches about 15 cm, occupying most of abdominal cavity. But while she has not yet reached the maximum of its size and height, every week it adds up to 1 cm as it happens increase the compression of the internal organs and discomfort. The cervical canal forming a mucous plug is a thick lump of mucus, remaining there until the birth, and protecting the fetus from any infection. She will depart shortly before the birth. Now the uterus can occasionally painless and irregular to be reduced (this is a training Braxton-Higgs). They are not painful and do not lead to early childbirth, thunderstorms for the child to bear. But it is necessary to monitor the contractility of the uterus, if she often comes to tone, hardens and hurts in the lower abdomen, occur spotting abundant liquid discharge (water breaks) or pain, you should immediately call an ambulance and go to hospital.


As the formation of mucus plug in cervical canal of uterus some women have noticed increased discharge. At the same time allocation should be transparent or slightly whitish, uniform in consistency, to have almost no smell. If the secretions are bloody or spotting nature, accompanied by a pulling pain in the lower back or abdomen, you should immediately consult a physician. Especially dangerous is the appearance of a dark or red blood, you need to immediately call an ambulance, but before her arrival, to lie. This may be the early detachment of the placenta or premature birth.

Also, be sure to consult a doctor in the presence of purulent, greenish, yellowish, grey, frothy or copious secretions, patchy, cheesy white discharge and unpleasant smell. Typically, such selection and even give a strong itching and burning of the genitals, give irritation and redness of the skin. These are signs of various infections (yeast, bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted infections), which requires immediate treatment to avoid infection of the amniotic membranes of the fetus. The infection can cause premature birth or intrauterine fetal death. The doctor will do a swab from the vaginal flora and definition of sensitivity to drugs, prescribe allowed during pregnancy medications topically or orally, self-treatment during pregnancy is unacceptable! Many drugs can adversely affect fetal development.

Abdominal pain

Due to the active increase of the uterus and size of the abdomen in the period of 26 weeks you may experience discomfort and pain in the abdomen. First of all, they are created by active movements of the child, especially when it rests against the extremity in the edge or wall of the uterus. You may experience pain due to the tension of the uterine ligaments and softening of joints. They usually unexpressed and periodic, quickly with rest. Useful in this period of time several times a day for 10-15 minutes to take the knee-elbow position to facilitate loading on the internal organs and improve circulation.

You may experience headaches or cramps in the legs, which are also caused by increased loads on the body, also helps the rest with raised upside down in ventilated, cool and darkened room.

Dangerous if pulling the lower abdomen, as this may be a sign of the opening of the cervix in the presence of isthmic-cervical insufficiency. This can cause expectoration of mucous plugs and infection of fetal membranes with rupture and leakage of amniotic fluid, the penetration of infection to the fetus or early preterm birth.

You may experience back pain or lower back due to the change in center of gravity that requires wearing a special brace that supports the abdomen and relieve pressure on the lower back, refusal from shoes with heels and exercise for relief of back and stomach.

Diet and weight mom

Many uncomfortable sensations in the lumbar region and back, the emergence of pain and swelling may be due to gradually increasing weight of women. On average, for the period of 26 weeks women gain about 7 to 10 kg weight, thin even more. Of weight gain for each week should be around 300-500g and you want to watch carefully – the excess allowances can talk about both the swelling and the wrong diet and the formation of excess weight. The term appetite in women is usually good, and worth to follow the diet, not eating too many calories and fatty foods, choosing healthy and nutritious meals.

The food in this period should conform to several principles:

  • to be full of all the necessary nutrients – protein, fats and carbohydrates,
  • to cover maximum needs of women and fetus in vitamins and minerals,
  • to be easy and natural, hypoallergenic.

In this period it should be more careful in the selection of products and to abandon the use of potential allergens a large number of chocolate and cocoa, honey and exotic fruits, plenty of milk and eggs, fruits bright colors. You need to use such products in small portions and infrequently, a few times a week. At this stage of pregnancy should abandon the use of products from raw or dried fish, fried, smoked, highly salted and spiced foods, dishes, flavored with spices and exotic dishes to avoid discomfort of indigestion and poisoning. Also, do not lean on fast food products and semi-finished products from the store, they can be generously flavored with various kinds of food chemicals, not helpful to the mother and fetus.

Dishes should be boiled, steamed, baked, broiled – frying in oil should drop, and in dishes to add a minimum of salt. Also it is necessary to abandon soft drinks, concentrated store-bought juices and nectars, heavily mineralized, carbonated mineral water.

Also try to limit in your diet weakness and meals with light carbs, in order to prevent large fluctuations in blood glucose. Glucose in high concentrations in the blood plasma leads to excess weight, and can provoke the development of diabetes gestatsionnogo.

Sex on the twenty-sixth week

Ate no contraindications, in this period sex is not only enjoyable, but also extremely useful, both for emotional and physical health of the mother. This is explained by the fact that when you orgasm, which the pregnant woman experiences almost always, increasing blood supply to internal organs and uterus that helps prevent fetal hypoxia. In addition, experiencing positive emotions lead to the release into the blood of endorphins, hormones of pleasure, which improves the emotional tone of the woman and her mood. Sex during pregnancy helps partners to become closer and to experience new sensations.

However, a number of States, the sex in this pregnancy would be forbidden in a low placentation or placenta previa, cervical insufficiency, in the presence of uterine fibroids, with the threat of termination of pregnancy, with the development of preeclampsia or other pregnancy complications.

It is important to choose poses for intimacy, in order to avoid deep penetration of the pressure on the abdomen, these poses quite a lot, and intimate life can go on with the same regularity.


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