8 months pregnant

The eighth month of pregnancy is a period of 31 to 36 weeks of gestation and before delivery even ahead of a month, though right now you feel tired and all the «charms» of your interesting situation. At the beginning of this month, you expect the last screening before birth, which will help doctors to be guided in how to develop your pregnancy and if everything is alright with the baby. Will be determined prior tactics of childbirth and you have the third routine ultrasound which the baby entirely to see it is hard, it is very big, but to find out the gender and the many nuances of its development.

What happens to the body in the 8th month

In the eighth month of pregnancy to birth is only a few weeks, and the soon approaching birth often foretell special training contractions (the Braxton-Higgs, false labor). It is irregular and does not lead to the opening of the cervix contractions of the uterus that prepare her to work actively in labor. If the contractions of the uterus expressed no discomfort or pain, the frequency of their occurrence has no regularity, they are periods, not for a long time, then to worry because this is not necessary. It is quite physiological phenomenon, which prepares the body for imminent childbirth. If contractions become painful, last more than hours, you should consult your doctor to exclude the occurrence of preterm birth.

At the eighth month the woman’s abdomen became very large, and by the end of this month the uterus will take its highest possible position, will be almost the maximum size. That is why the woman will mention that she has a hard time to breathe, to climb stairs or routine physical activity. Pushes and the baby move that goes right below the ribs, will be not only uncomfortable, but even painful. Now more important than ever to eat right, a lot of walking in the fresh air and get enough rest to avoid fatigue and malaise. Due to the large size of the abdomen becomes extremely difficult to choose a comfortable posture for sleeping is on your back to sleep, a large uterus literally perelavlivaet inferior Vena cava and gives a strong dizziness, sudden shortness of palpitations, shortness of breath and even loss of consciousness. To sleep is on your left side, having enclosed for convenience under legs and lower back pillows. Stomach shape now may be different – it can be as strongly protruding forward, and is quite compact, the gender of the child is not dependent, more from position in the uterus and the size, quantity of amniotic fluid and the mother’s Constitution. Until the end of pregnancy, the abdomen will fall and can change its shape, still covered slightly in size.

The development of the fetus: weight: size and gender (to add a photo of the embryo)

In this period the child is still not fully ready to be born, and it’s supposed to be another couple of weeks to stay with mom in the stomach, but now it will be much easier to adapt in the outside world, if childbirth will suddenly begin this month and the baby will be born premature. His organs and systems have become much more Mature than last month, and the myth that it is better for the baby to be born in seven months, in eight weeks – has no real foundations. Each week spent by the child in the womb gives him strength and body mass, adds up to growth and maturity. Therefore, it is important that the baby not be born as long as possible, often the doctors are doing everything to delay birth and prolong starting the intrauterine life of the baby. This is especially necessary for maturation of lung surfactant and the possibility of spontaneous breathing.

In the period after 35 weeks, the children will still be considered immature, but they have formed all major organs and systems, and they may well avoid most of the problems earlier-born preterm babies. Usually with a steady weight gain and suckling, they are discharged from the hospital fairly quickly and without stage of nursing. If you wear twins, it is quite possible that labor could begin at the end of the eighth month, in the period 35-36 weeks. The children are born quite strong and viable, growing and developing quite normally.

In eight months, the fetal position may still be incorrect, although with the 32nd-32nd week the fetus should occupy its final position for birth. In pelvic presentation you will be recommended special exercises and postures that stimulate the baby to turn head down. This will avoid difficulties in the future and the birth will take place naturally. On your period the baby is already quite clearly defined sleep and waking, and often it is not the same as yours. He sleeps most of the day, ukachivaniu your movements and wakes up usually when you’re at rest and makes itself felt clear kicks and perturbations.


Now, to the end of the month he will be almost ready for birth, all the major organs and systems that deliver healthy, fully developed and work, though still imperfect. But here’s the respiratory system, especially lungs of a baby, still undeveloped to the end, they accumulated a special substance – surfactant that will not let them subside with spontaneous breathing crumbs. If the birth will begin at the end of the eighth month, the baby can breathe independently, although under the supervision of doctors.

Eight-month-old baby is practically no different from a newborn, except that only the height and weight, well he sees and hears, can blink, frown squinting, sucking fingers, his nails had grown to the edges of the nail phalanges, though still thin and delicate. Skin color becomes pink and uniform due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and reduction of translucent vessels. Due to the deposition of subcutaneous fat occurs rounding of cheeks and face, shoulders and Jagodic. Gradually with the body comes the fuzz (lanugo), on the head the hairs grow back, clearly visible lashes and eyebrows. The whole body of a baby smooth layer of the original grease, and it will help him at the time of birth easier to pass through the birth canal, protects the skin from exposure to amniotic fluid.

This month improved the cortex of the baby, it gradually formed new neural pathways that will help the child in independent living, and around the fibers formed a protective sheath of myelin, a kind of insulation of nerves.

Now the skeleton of a child is relatively strong, the region of the cartilages of nose and ears hard, but the bones of the skull have joints that allow the baby’s head to pass safely the birth canal without causing myself and my mother injured. Now white will be busy with important liver of the child, its role is to accumulate in recent weeks, a sufficient amount of iron, which will be spent in the months prior to introduction of the child other food besides milk. Need iron to build new blood cells of the fetus and child, to prevent his anemia.

At eight months the fetus occupies almost the entire space of the uterus and its movement is limited, it adopted the fetal position with pulled up to his chest legs and hands. And now his movements are very distinct and confident, mom can feel under her ribs and over the entire area of the abdomen, discriminating even the shape of the heels and handles. Now the fruit comes to weight per day to 30 g, and by the end of the month can weigh about 2500-2800г with growth of up to 46 cm

The feelings and concerns of the expectant mother (to use the word stirs memories within you that pulls the lower abdomen, abdominal pain)

In this period the woman is already beginning to tire from his position and became literally huge, belly. He bothers to wear clothes and shoes, it’s hard to walk and hard to sleep. But now it’s time to completely give their time to the future little one, especially in this period most women were already on maternity leave. Now the feeling of life in your belly changes your Outlook and attitude to life, by the wayside depart the problems of career, work and household stuff, all aimed at donsimoni and the imminent birth of a baby. It is the job of the dominant pregnancy in the brain – it adjusts the physical body women her psyche so that maximum comfort and convenience to continue a pregnancy and successfully give life to a new person. Hence the tears of emotion, and the mood swings and the special sensitivity of the mothers. This is normal and should not be entirely closed from the external life and go head first into motherhood – you lead a normal life and enjoy his position. If this causes you any inconvenience or bad feeling, almost not worth it to change your life – you can walk, to travel (only a short distance from the exchange card on hand) to buy things in the dowry, and to attend courses for future moms and dads. The most important thing for you now is your calmness and your confidence that all is well and no problems during pregnancy and your baby’s health. Protect yourself from stress and negative emotions, they can lead to increased tone of the uterus, and even to the development of premature birth.

The abdomen in this period almost reaches maximum size, the fundal height of the uterus to the 36th week reaches a maximum. After 35 weeks, the uterus can literally stretch you in the ribs, causing difficulty breathing. Baby weighs almost pounds and Yes he needs a place to sleep, so the internal organs and make room for the growth of the uterus. The stomach can create enough problems with position for sleeping, walking and everyday questions, but the most important feelings from him are fetal movements. Now it needs to be felt at least 10 times in 12 hours, and it is better to feel fetal movements every 15-20 minutes. The baby for a few hours almost to stand, stretching slightly in his sleep, and can actively push and move. Should have worried, if the child is overly active and his movements are sharply painful, or if it is very sluggish and barely felt you. This may indicate his suffering in utero or hypoxia, should change position, walk or exercise. If it continues for a long time – you should inform your doctor and undergo further testing. For more comfort, it is recommended to sleep on your left side is the optimal position for the fetus blood circulation and placenta and uterus, and is quite comfortable for mom.

If you are concerned about abdominal pain, especially persistent or cramping, periodically pulls the lower abdomen, do not think that this is normal, especially in combination with the tone of the uterus, painful practice contractions and vaginal discharge. You should immediately call an ambulance and I was admitted to the hospital, it can be the start of preterm labor or problems with the placenta. Particularly serious is the case in the presence of spotting, bleeding or vaginal discharge, and with the dark cherry or red blood you should immediately go to hospital – it starts with the detachment of the placenta, a fatal complication if not immediately render aid.

In addition, can disturb many uncomfortable symptoms – many of them require a mode change, power-up or doctor’s consultation and hospital treatment. One of the most frequent complications are swelling, which are mainly formed on the extremities and can be an early pregnant nephropathy or preeclampsia. Particularly dangerous severe swelling in the morning, extending to the face and body, and combined with protein in the urine and increased pressure. Immediately to the hospital for saving and the decision on further management of pregnancy.

Large uterus presses on the abdominal cavity and causes a lot of unpleasant symptoms and sensations, such as nausea, especially when a heavy meal, rare the meals or without any reason. This is due to podavlivaya the uterus walls of the stomach. It is therefore able to arise and heartburn, with reflux of acidic stomach contents into the esophagus. To reduce these feelings can, if you eat often and small portions, immediately after eating to be in a vertical or semi-lying position to relax after a meal at least one hour, no more bending. If you are at home, to alleviate the condition will help welcome the knee-elbow position for 10-15 minutes and the relief pressure of the uterus on the intestines. At such position the internal organs receive more blood, and food easier minute the stomach and enters the intestine. By a heavy meal you may experience vomiting and if she is single and without fever and diarrhea, much can not survive and reconsider your diet, and in the presence of the described symptoms immediately to the doctor, food poisoning in pregnant women is extremely dangerous.

Is to monitor the discharge in this period. Due to the hormonal changes there may be some increased emissions – they are transparent or slightly whitish, without odor or impurities. Increased discharge is transparent like water with a constant wet underwear is a sign of a possible leakage of amniotic fluid. You should buy a test strip on the water leak at the pharmacy or to visit a doctor. In the presence of water leaks immediately need hospitalization and the decision on the further management of pregnancy. Seriously and with all spotting, it is a cause for immediate medical consultation. Dangerous and discharge with odor, green, grey, yellowish or any colors, with admixtures of mucus, pus or bubbles. These are the signs of reproductive tract infections, which can threaten the baby and pregnancy and require immediate treatment.

Due to the pressure of the uterus occurs more frequent urination, which requires frequent trips to the toilet, as well as strengthening this delicate problem as constipation. It is important to monitor the amount of fluid and fiber in the diet, move more, make the intestines easier to work with. Also mucii shortness of breath when climbing the stairs or walk due to the preload of the diaphragm by the uterus and increased frequency of breathing became shallow. Possible bleeding of the gums, severe sweating, hot flashes and duznosti premises, stuffy ears and nose, numbness of the extremities, especially the fingers, increased growth of body hair.

Danger 8 months pregnant

The most dangerous now is the beginning of preterm labor or placental abruption, this condition can threaten the well-being of mother and baby, as both are not yet ready for childbirth and it can cause serious complications. Therefore, any discharge, bleeding or abdominal pain is a reason for an unscheduled visit to the doctor or call the ambulance. Immediately you need to originating in the discharge of amniotic fluid or leakage of drops or a stream, in violation of the integrity of membranes can lead to infection of the fetus.

No less dangerous in this period and a cold – fever and cough are increasing uterine tone, and runny nose leads to oxygen deficiency in the tissues of the mother and fetus. You should avoid contact with sorry and less during the cold season to be in crowded places.

Tests and examinations

In this pregnancy you have twice to visit the doctor for routine inspection and passed before them two urine tests. When you visit your doctor is used to measure the weight and circumference of abdomen, listen to fetal heart rate, checked for edema. In the analysis of urine examined the amount of protein, glucose and white blood cells, germs. At the same time carry out the third routine screening ultrasound. It checks the status of the fetus – his height and weight, condition of internal organs and the absence of malformations, and also verified the condition of the placenta, uterus and cervix, specify the time of the da and the many nuances required for delivery. Also, according to the testimony may be assigned doplerometriya of the fetus and placenta and the CTG of the fetus to determine the condition of the uterus and fetal blood circulation, sufficient oxygen.

Diet and weight mom

In this period food is not much different from that in the previous months, you need enough protein and vitamins with minerals, fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. Through proper nutrition we can maintain a stable weight, avoiding fat excess fat reserves. Should abandon the use of such products as fast food, lots of sweets and easy carbohydrates, fatty, spicy and salty, convenience foods, and more. You need to eat very little, small portions, but often. When consuming large quantities of food at once can cause heartburn and belching, nausea and even vomiting, is to eat fractionally and not to overeat at night, refusing food for two to three hours before bedtime. If you want to eat, acceptable light snacks of fruit or vegetables, fermented milk drinks and dishes. Immediately after eating it is not recommended to go, should walk or sit, to avoid reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus, and did not develop heartburn. Important restriction in the diet salt sugar, it was a great tool to hold water in the body. For drinking it is worth drinking or use non-carbonated mineral water, herbal teas or infusions, fruit drinks. To drink by thirst, not much limiting themselves to drink because the swelling is almost not related to the amount of fluid intake, and related to hormones and metabolism.


In this term let us assume the sex with the consent of the doctor, a definite finish or resolution of the not – all must come from the state of pregnancy and her health and desires. If there is no threat of premature birth and the placenta is fine, if you wish there are no restrictions. But it is necessary to limit the intensity of intimacy, to choose the optimum positions and to abandon the rigid forms of sex. Sex should use a condom in order not to carry infection in the cervical region, as well as to monitor their health after intercourse. Orgasm during intimacy in any way the child is not affected, but positive emotions from sex your baby will go only on advantage.


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