5 benefits of diet before sport

For many years, physical exercise is the most effective means of bringing weight to normal. Without denying the importance of sports exercises, doctors insist on improving the quality of diet, reducing calories and reducing the impact of stressors in a woman’s life. Why it is necessary to observe the principles of healthy eating and what are the advantages of the diet before sport?

5 main reasons:

  1. Doing sports you do not always control the amount of calories consumed. Studies have proven that exercise alone will not be able to contribute to significant weight loss. Unconscious attempts to compensate for the calories lost during the exhausting workouts, negate all the results of intense daily exercise. Therefore, be sure to conduct «food Diary»: making a list eaten for a day indicating the calorie content of servings, you will realize that you must exclude from your diet menu.
  2. Exercise increases appetite. Most types of training, active increase appetite by accelerating the metabolic processes of the body. In women after complex sports exercises improves metabolism, stimulating appetite, by 30-35%. Wanting to make up for the energy balance, unconscious, beautiful ladies increase consumption of calories, nullifying the results of the training. Only smaller meals, well-chosen diet will help to cope with hunger and weight gain.
  3. Increasing physical activity does not reduce the level of obesity. Despite the increasing number of women involved in sports in fitness clubs, gyms, the total number of people with BMI above normal for the last 10 years continues to grow. Dieting is the only way to control the amount of sugars and unhealthy carbohydrates, animal fats. Snack after a workout, a hamburger or fried potatoes, a food with a small amount of beer or Cola, you get more calories than spent.
  4. Proper food is the basis for energy by the body. Products that guarantee the replacement of energy, should meet the criteria: to contain a slight amount of calories to complement each other to meet the «standard» of weight loss – 50% of slowly absorbed carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 20% fats. Only then will forces on active sports and effective weight loss.
  5. To lose weight quickly is only possible with diet. The»right» to health is a gradual process of weight loss. The high pace of life, the rush, the desire to achieve «all at once» lead to the need rapidly to get rid of 2, 5 or more kg. According to experts, lose pounds ¾ dependent on results of choice and dieting, and only a quarter from the intensity of sports training.

Respect basic diet combined exercise, caloric restriction of food intake, quality control of food eaten will help to achieve results faster with weight loss.



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