Ichthyol candles in gynecology: a manual for use

The substance Ichthyol for over a century medicine is used in many medicinal preparations. Get it through complex chemical processes from oil shale. Originally used for the treatment of skin diseases. Over time, the scope of substances have expanded and become very popular candle Ichthyol in gynecology, because they have a number of positive properties and does not provoke side effects. Tool has anti-inflammatory, anesthetic effect, improves blood flow, regenerative and metabolic processes.

What is it used for suppositories of Ichthyol in gynecology

Initially produced Ichthyol as an ointment to treat boils, hemorrhoids and fractures, skin burns, some gynecological diseases. At the moment widely used anti-inflammatory candles in gynecology with this active substance. This form of medicine greatly simplifies its use. Prescribe the drug for the following diseases:


  • inflammation of the ovaries (adnexitis, salpingo-oophoritis);
  • inflammatory processes in the uterus (endometritis, parametritis);
  • the disease, which are localized in the vagina (colpitis, bacterial vaginosis);
  • diseases of the cervix (cervicitis, erosion).

Most women, if you want to use anti-inflammatory drugs in gynecology, prefer natural remedies. They have a more soft, gentle effect, rarely cause complications or side effects. Ichthyol candles are popular in gynecology such as mineral, natural, natural medicine, which is used to restore the epithelial mucous integument, epidermis, remove excess fluid from the tissues, promotes the resorption of inflammatory infiltrate, minimizes the processes of decay, fermentation.

Instructions for use of Ichthyol candles

Ichthyol candles are available in the form of rectal suppositories. This means that to use them vaginally is not necessary because called active substances irritate the mucous membrane and can cause discomfort. If you applied incorrectly, should be douching without additional funds, it is good to wash. Use of rectal candles Ichthyol in gynecology 1-3 times a day. It is advisable before use, do a cleansing enema, which will increase the degree of absorption of active substances.


This drug has no contraindications, only sometimes causes an allergic reaction in hypersensitive to the active substances. Irritation disappear immediately after discontinuation of the drug. Help or harm Ichthyol candles during pregnancy is not currently defined, but before using them should consult a doctor for determining potential risk to the fetus or mother. The use of Ichthyol should not be combined with drugs or solutions containing heavy metal salts, iodide salts, alkaloids.

Reviews about candlelight Ichthyol

Olga, 27 years: Just required to share their experiences. Ichthyol has become for me a real salvation, because for a long time I suffered from spaleny appendages. Immediately after the first use of Ichthyol has become easier, and the price of the drug available.

Lena, 32 years: went to the doctor with bacterial vaginosis, I was prescribed this medication 2 times per day. It became easier after the first dose. Besides, I don’t like a different kind of «chemistry» and that the natural cure, I was pleased. Although cleaning of the bowel before using is not very inspiring.

Lera, 25 years: At some point there were unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen, obviously the inflammatory process. Read about Ichthyol candles and decided to try it. The pain went away after the first candle, and inflammation after the 4th. The smell of medication unpleasant, but the main thing that helps is good.


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