Salting of bacon in brine hot method

Засолка сала в рассоле горячим способом

Recommend options for salting of bacon in brine hot method. This allows the workpiece to produce an incredibly delicious snack, which will not give even is not particular admirers of this product.

How to pickle bacon in a hot brine with garlic — recipe with onion skin


  • fat – 950 g;
  • coarse salt– 110 g;
  • purified water – 950 ml;
  • head of garlic;
  • a handful of onion peel;
  • black pepper — 12-15 grains;
  • two or three leaves of Laurel;
  • sweet pepper — 5-7 peas;
  • two clove buds;
  • black and spicy red pepper and paprika.


Condiment for salting bacon for this recipe choose small slices with layers of meat, rinse them thoroughly and if necessary cut into pieces of such form or size that’s easy to lay a proper enamelled tank. Before that, put him on the floor a handful of onion peel and half the garlic and all spices with the list of components in addition to ground black and red pepper. The remaining husks, garlic and spices covered slices of bacon on top and pour some water, which give pre-dissolve the required amount of salt. Placed a pot of lard on the stove on medium heat, allow to boil, and then reduce the intensity of heat to a minimum and kept the fat in the fire for fifty-five minutes. Cover the dish must be closed.

After required cooking time turn off the oven and without opening the cover, leaving the fat in the brine to cool down and insisting on a minimum of eight hours, ideally until the next morning.

After that take out fat from spicy pickle, obsessive napkins or paper towels, stabilem on all sides and RUB a little mixture of ground red and black pepper and paprika, wrap with parchment paper or foil and place in the freezer for storage. Can fat to try once, but it is much better chilled the next day.

How to pickle bacon hot brine with garlic in the jar — recipe


  • fat – 950 g;
  • large rock salt – 110 g;
  • distilled water – 950 ml;
  • one large head of garlic;
  • spices and herbs of your choice and taste.


This option involves a fairly rapid salting of fat hot in brine, but for this to be successful the product must be cut into not too large pieces, of a thickness of from about five to seven centimeters. Next, you want to make lard slices of bacon or garlic to pour their crushed spicy vegetable already in the Bank. Also, before you lay the product in a three-liter capacity, RUB the surface of pieces of the desired mixture of aromatic herbs and spices.

Ensure that the chunks of fat were loosely Packed in a jar and tamped. Next, bring the water to boiling, dissolve in it a large stone, definitely not iodized, salt and pour the resulting brine preparation in a Bank. Place it at room conditions for a day. After that you can RUB the fat Засолка сала в рассоле горячим способомwith a mixture of pepper and put for storage in a freezer, after being wrapped in paper.

Any of the suggested recipes can be customized to your taste preferences by adding or removing a particular component from the spices. The amount of salt can increase or decrease depending on whether more or less meat interlayer contains the source product. As for polishing you can also use crushed garlic, but you should consider that fat is stored much less, as this vegetable tends during long-term storage to purchase a very appetizing appearance and aroma.

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