Parental divorce is stressful for the child

Not all couples family life flows smoothly. Sad, but true. Many couples on their way to meet a lot of problems, hindrances, failures. Of course, there are problems in life and all, but not all have so much strength, wisdom and patience to overcome them.

Развод родителей – стресс для ребенка

All this has a strong psychological pressure on spouses, omissions, misunderstandings, it seems that everything around is crumbling and it is impossible to retain, to restore, to return back on track.

Family life is crumbling before my eyes. When it reaches its peak, the couple come to the only correct one in their opinion the decision to disperse and go our seperate ways. It seems that in this way they will resolve all your problems and long-awaited peace in the life of each of them.

But in this situation can be one very large obstacle — the child.

Often quarrel the couple don’t even notice how you suffer from the children. Each quarrel of parents can be a real stress for the child. Since kids need a healthy atmosphere in the home, parental love, their mutual love and understanding. Only in such an atmosphere can grow a healthy baby. Both physical and psychological point of view.

Yet if the spouses made a final and irrevocable decision to leave, the child needs to report it, and do it very sensitively and gently, so as to avoid unnecessary stress and tension. Yet in this situation the children are so stressed from the bad atmosphere in the house.

The first thing parents need to come to a common agreement about what and how to tell the child about upcoming changes in family life. They should take a common position on this issue and follow her. Psychologists say that the child should openly explain what is happening and its causes.

The child on the children’s nature tends to exaggerate, to fantasize and to attribute the divorce to his bad behavior. This creates a great strain for a child, it seems that parents are getting a divorce because of him that he is bad and etc. all Spouses must clearly understand and be aware of to protect your child from unnecessary psychological trauma.

Of course, in any situation should take into account the child’s age, individual characteristics and explain the causes of divorce available and clear to it language.

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