Joint family budget

How to learn how to spend money to feel confident in the future? How to plan family expenses? How to profit from the expenditures of the budget?

Совместный семейный бюджет

Family budget and household material compatibility level

Historically, the function of ensuring the family’s material goods entrusted to man. However, the time made in this model adjustments. The modern woman has every opportunity to contribute to the material welfare of the family. Possible models compatibility material-domestic relations:

Variants of replenishment of the budget

The man earns, the woman is not. The man earns more woman. The man and woman earn the same. A woman earns more than men. A woman earns, a man not.

Versions spending budget

Money is being managed by a man. Money is being managed by a woman. The decision on any spending taken together. Earned money is divided into three parts – the total money for expenses of which a joint decision is taken and personal money for each spouse.

There are twenty variants of the models of reference of the budget. It does not matter what model choose wife – importantly, this model satisfied both.

The algorithm of reference of the joint family budget

Each spouse gets a notebook in which not less than one month records all committed spending is to save receipts. Each waste is marked with the heading «total waste» or «personal spending».

Then the couple together to form a monthly expenditure budget by object of expenditure regular. Article regular expenditures: housing and commercial. services; spending on clothing and footwear; expenditure on food; expenses on transport; spending on education; spending on recreation and entertainment and any other regular expenses. The number of articles of consumption must equal the number of regular expenses. This amount is multiplied by 10%. Then the wife writes out all the big spending they plan to do within five years: the birth of a child; buying a car; furniture/major appliances; a vacation in the mountains, at sea, abroad; purchase of apartments/villas etc. These expenses are divided into categories – single and regular. Purchase of furniture/major household appliances, home, garden; a trip to leave for cash applies to one-time expenses. The birth of a child refers to regular expenses. Buying a car for cash is among one-time expenses incurring regular expenses (gasoline, maintenance, repairs). Any purchases made in the mortgage/credit belong to regular expenses. It should be noted that buying an apartment for cash applies to one-time expenses incurring expenses for periodic repairs. All major expenses are added and the sum is multiplied by 10%.

Then the expenses are divided into General and personal. A trip to the seaside on vacation is a total waste, and the desire to learn diving with scuba gear is a personal waste. Total expenses have priority over personal. Then expenses are divided by importance first and then in descending order. Priority queueing must be the same for both spouses, otherwise the conflict is provided. Joint drawing up a family budget is a litmus test of compatibility.

There are four types of expenses: one-time, regular, periodic and emergency. Multiplication of spending in the calculations 10% is to account for unexpected expenses.

Then fold all of the planned five years of spending and divide them into sixty. You receive a required for the execution of your planned budget total monthly income. Now count the receipts side of the budget. It salaries, scholarships, pensions and other regular payments. Compare the real total family income with planned expenditure. If the incoming part is consumable, you have a zero budget. This is a risky option. If revenues exceed expenditure by 10% you can consider yourself fairly well insured against surprises and to start execution of the budget. It is recommended to review the expenditure side to achieve 10% of the excess of income over expenditure.

After adjusting the budget and its acceptance for execution, it is necessary to control the execution of the budget. Usually it is easier to cope with this woman. Men aim at more global tasks. You must have a notebook and keep it on a weekly basis comparing actual expenses with the planned ones. Upon detection of trends of the budget go into negative, however it is necessary to adjust the budget.

Particularly careful control small regular expenses. The practice shows that there are hidden «black holes» in which can take the whole budget without a trace.

The unit of execution of the budget, take a week. Then a monthly budget can be readily adjusted.

At the end of the fiscal year, jointly check the implementation of the budget. This year you will learn a lot and the budget for next year will be more than competently.

The psychological effect of the proposed model joint goals and joint activities than any bring together of the spouses and make the family unit stronger. Proper respect to the family finances increases the personal responsibility of each spouse to the family.

In the program of management of budget. Tip – do not use them in any case. Taking notes by hand, you «give» them to yourself, that’s why experienced Directors make the actors to rewrite the text of the role. Taking notes in the program, you alienate them from themselves. In addition, the percentage of perception of the screen text is only 30% of paper. The finances of the family not the topic where you can make such flippant attitude.

Living the compatibility level is one of the nine levels of compatibility. Conventionally, the compatibility can be likened to a jigsaw puzzle. The degree of compatibility of each puzzle depends on the harmony of the General picture of marriage. Therefore, to avoid nobody wants family drama and broken lives, it is reasonable compatibility on each level to find out to start a relationship.

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