How to attract money in the house: my floor is gold «money» water.

To attract in your home wealth and prosperity, you can use homemade magic rituals. Wash floor gold «money» water is one of them. Remember that rituals come true for those who believes in them, therefore, skeptical please reconfigure themselves or be removed. And those who intend in the near future to improve the financial health of your family – you are welcome.

Моем пол денежной золотой водой

Begin a magical ritual. I need to prepare for what is soon in your home will flow cash flow. To do this, prepare a gold «money» and my it water the floor. It is better to wash the floor by hand, not a MOP, but cash flow is not much affected because the main thing is a positive attitude. So if physically hands to scrub the floor hard, then use your usual methods, for example, a MOP.

Prepare cash water. To do this, take 27 rubles coins of any denomination. Usually it is 2 to 10 rubles, Piglet and two rubles. If not, then according to Feng Shui you can take coins of the same value, to the sum alone was 27. Why 27? In Feng Shui and numerology, the number 27 is considered attracts luck, attracting wealth. Why trust the ancient teachings and begin.

Put the money into the water and not removing the coins wash floors. It is possible to improve the ritual: with water the ethereal essence of orange or lemon, cinnamon. This room will refresh and make additional money as citrus, cinnamon bark and patchouli are traditionally considered to be cash aromas.

Tip: when you wash the floor visually imagine how you wash away the credits, debts, money problems.

Before emptying, remove the coins and rinse them carefully, be sure of clean water. «Namaste» money and carefully wipe dry. After drying, fold them neatly, they’ll still be useful when make sure that the ritual to attract money in the house cash water works.

Pouring the used water visualize that you leave your home financial problems, you pour out your debts and credits.

Those who want to bring into your home more wealth, you can try to saturate the water with gold. When you pour water to wash floors, pour it through a gold ring, mentally picturing all your water to become Golden. Everything else is done, as with coins.

Information for skeptics: the term «Golden water» appeared in Ayurvedic medicine for another 4 thousand years ago, and to this day it is considered the remedy. In Chinese medicine and cosmetology to this day use the gold particles, enriching creams, lotions and medications.

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