What to do if your phone gets water

Phone — device, without which is inconceivable the life of any person. Cell phone replaces us many things — calendar, clock, camera, etc., and its main feature is the ability to stay in touch with loved ones, in General are invaluable. Since the phone we always carry with them, it is impossible one hundred percent to protect the device from adverse factors. If breaking «the device» can help a properly selected case, from the ingress of water no one is immune.

Что делать, если в телефон попала вода

With mobile phones we hardly ever parted, and this is not surprising, because the device is so functional; and the need to always be «connected» requires. So, perhaps, everyone is faced with the problem, when the phone gets wet (caught in a rainstorm, dropped into a puddle, the sink, etc.). The first thing you need to remember in this situation: the less contact with water, the greater the chance to restore it.

So, if the phone is exposed to water, and for whatever reason, then immediately turn off the device and to avoid a short circuit, remove the battery. Then remove the SIM card. In any case, do not attempt to operate the mobile phone, and try as much as possible to take it to a workshop. If possible, include the phone in for repair there, you can use some of the tips that are given below. There are many people’s tips to help you «revive» the unit after falling into the water. First immediately remove the cell phone from water, disconnect the battery and place the phone in a container with alcohol, good panultimate it in him to alcohol to flow into the chip. Dry the phone if possible, then leave it under direct sunlight. Alcohol is harmless for chips and it can absorb water, thus saving your device. On the Internet there are hints that alcohol, you can substitute vodka or another strong alcoholic drink, but it is not.

To minimize the contact circuits of the phone with water, the unit should be dried in the shortest possible time. To do this, you can put the cell phone in a jar with rice (of course after removing the battery) and leave for about a day. This is enough water to be completely absorbed in the rump. Slightly less time is required to dry the device, if rice is to replace the salt. Only in this case, the cell phone must be either wrapped in cheesecloth or in a cloth. If you will be able to disassemble the phone immediately after dropping it in water, you fingertips will be such items as a Hairdryer, Kleenex and alcohol, then the probability that the device will not work minimized. So, if you have managed to completely dismantle the phone, then gently wipe all parts with a cloth soaked in alcohol, then wipe them dry with a napkin and a few minutes hold under a stream of warm air of the Hairdryer. It is very important remember that if the dryer has only the function of «hot air», its from the phone should be kept at a distance of 40 cm to the phone in any case not hot.

It is useful to say: if your phone fell into salt water, before drying it should be rinsed with distilled water, and then carry out one or more of the above manipulations.

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