Six simple ways to make the house cozier

No money for repairs, but I really want changes in your own home? Let’s think where to start, so that the house has become more intimate.

Шесть простых способов сделать дом уютнее

Start with cleaning

Corny but true — after thorough cleaning, the house looks much cozier and more spacious at the same time. But cleaning it is necessary to make capital, not only wipe the dust on the most prominent places and shoving the pile of clothes in the wardrobes.

Start with picky inventory. Throw all the things that you don’t use and don’t intend to use. Don’t hide them in the pantry with the words «it is good, will come in handy someday.» Not for me! The only thing that is allowed in this situation — to advertise on the Internet. It should contain the following text: «Give a gift … to Pick up during the day, then everything will be thrown away mercilessly!»

You’d be surprised how much space is free in your home, how easy it will no longer be similar to an uncomfortable warehouse.

The new environment

It is not necessary to purchase new furniture. Based on the fashionable vintage style, which involves thorough care of the old furniture and its restoration. Try yourself in the role of designer, decorating the shabby pieces of furniture by their own taste. If you are in doubt about your abilities, look for ideas in the Internet. You will be amazed how simple means can achieve almost professional results.


This is one of the easiest ways to give the interior real warmth and brightness. There are many colors for the home and garden that do not require complex care, but pleasing beautiful flowering.

Шесть простых способов сделать дом уютнее

Small cosmetic repairs

Let you have no way to make global repairs, but some changes you can do yourself. There’s nothing complicated about pokleit Wallpaper. Change the plastic moldings at the ceiling should not cause difficulties. The result will be very significant, especially if you embody all of the above suggestions into reality.

Starring home textile

And another trivial but effective move — change textiles, and global. For winter choose wool fabrics deliberately natural look, as well as knitted accessories. For summer — light, airy, tender. Best of all, of course, knit, and bind-it-yourselfers, but you can find interesting the finished product, with the ladies earning needlework.

And cute little things

It is difficult to imagine a truly comfortable home without any is not very useful, but nice figurines, vases, pictures… it is not necessary to occupy all possible planes in the house, enough several photos on a Desk or table lamps custom design… maybe you want to hang a few decorative plates on an empty wall in the kitchen?

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