Plants for hedges

A hedge is a beautiful, practical and always relevant. This is one of the best options of fencing the land and zoning. First, you need to select plants: they can be coniferous, deciduous and even flowering, of different height and the conditions of care. Popular and prickly mixed hedge.

Живая изгородь

For hedges it is better to choose easy to care for and fast growing trees and shrubs suitable for your climate zone. It is important to remember that they should be planted in late summer or early fall.

A hedge of evergreens

Great options for hedges in Central Russia will be spruce, juniper, cypress gorokhovoy, fir, pine, arborvitae and yew. Decoration area will be canadian, Serbian and blue spruce. Juniper is often found in hedgerows, usually used for easy care types: horizontal, ordinary, Chinese, and virgin. Tis is not afraid of cold, thrives in shade and survives on any grounds.

Deciduous plants

Garden will be decorated with deciduous shrubs and trees: lilac, acacia, maple, hawthorn, elderberry, currant, Euonymus, viburnum and Jasmine-mock orange. Gardeners also common deciduous barberry with purple shoots. To make the fence a work of art will help Privet, bushes can be shaped in any form. Hawthorn will delight with its bright colors from spring to late autumn. You can also plant the boxwood and forsythia, but it is quite fanciful plants that are not afraid of frosts, but may die from the bright sun and strong wind.

The twine plant for hedges

A hedge is an element of landscape design and the decoration of the site. Make it pleasing to the eye, many gardeners choose flowering plants with twine. These include climbing rose, but the hedges only need to choose hardy varieties. It blooms a very long time, color yellow, white, maroon, or red.

The unique flavor of summer will give honeysuckle perfoliate moreover, it tolerates frost. No less popular Wisteria, campsis, clematis, calystegia, rose hips common, deutzia, hydrangea and Japanese spirea.

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