Treatment of pyelonephritis the chronic and acute forms in women and children

Is it possible to cure pyelonephritis in the home and what to take for recovery? The answers to these and many other issues of concern to people suffering from inflammation of the kidneys. According to experts, self-treatment of pyelonephritis in the initial stages can be very effective, but you need to exercise extreme caution. After reading this article, you will receive General information on methods of treatment of the disease and find out in which cases may require urgent appeal for medical help.

The cause of the disease

The first thing that you need to pay attention, starting the fight with one or another disease is the etiology. Pyelonephritis develops when injected into the human blood mixed infections or micro-organisms-pathogens (E. coli, various cocci, etc.). Before you learn how to cure pyelonephritis, refer to the list of factors related to infection:

  • chronic conditions fatigue/weakness/stress;
  • low immunity;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • the passage of urine;
  • urolithiasis;
  • swelling of the kidneys;
  • narrowing of the ureters.

How to cure pyelonephritis in adults

It is known that treatment of pyelonephritis in older women and men is a complex set of medical activities aimed at the normalization of the status of the kidneys. The programme of the fight against disease involves the use of drugs and carrying out procedures aimed at the elimination of foci of inflammation. Features of treatment of the kidneys depend on the person’s age, General health and current form of the disease.


The first thing you should care is the diet, because the body gets all the nutrients along with the food. When choosing a diet must take into account the nature of the disease and the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. If we are talking about acute pyelonephritis, from the diet should exclude the following products:

  • snacks, canned food, smoked products, pickles;
  • hot spices/seasoning;
  • coffee;
  • broths with fat;
  • legumes;
  • cakes/creams;
  • mushrooms;
  • carbonated water;
  • spirits.

For food recommended natural harmless products, normalizing the balance of substances in the body, enriching internal defenses:

  • dairy products;
  • fruits high in potassium (dried apricots, dried apricots, raisins);
  • white bread (salt-free);
  • butter (in moderation);
  • boiled and grated vegetables;
  • cereals;
  • sugar.

To reduce the level of intoxication, it is recommended to drink:

  • herbal teas;
  • fruit drinks/fruit drinks/jelly/juices;
  • teas (green, mild black);
  • soda mineral water without gas.

In the process of treatment of chronic pyelonephritis is a list of foods to be excluded, remains unchanged. The basis of the diet includes the following products:

  • lean fish/meat/poultry (beef or boiled meat);
  • vegetarian and dairy soups (fruit/vegetable);
  • milk and other dairy products;
  • flour products;
  • chicken eggs;
  • pasta (boiled well);
  • cereals;
  • puddings;
  • vegetables raw/cooked (except radish, cauliflower, garlic and onions);
  • fruits and berries of all kinds;
  • melons;
  • jam, honey, sugar and some other harmless sweets.

The nuances of diet with pyelonephritis (kidney disease) must be approved by your doctor, otherwise there may be digestive disorders. About the products, recommended to be excluded from the diet, you have to forget until complete recovery of the kidneys, or the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions will be reduced significantly. The sooner the patient will ensure a balance of substances in the body, the less chances will remain with pyelonephritis.


Drug therapy

Treatment of the acute form of pyelonephritis drugs aimed at rapid elimination of foci of inflammation in kidneys and prevent the strengthening of the disease. Average course duration is 12-16 days. The total range of therapeutic interventions is based on the following principles:

  • the elimination of the factors stimulating the infection in the kidneys;
  • antibiotic treatment after sampling for sowing;
  • strengthening of the immune system to prevent recurrence in future;
  • pathogenic/symptomatic treatment.

To facilitate the state of patient with the diagnosis of «acute pyelonephritis» appointed antispasmodics («Drotaverine», «no-Spa», «Spazmalgon»). In the direct treatment of inflammation of the kidneys perform a number of laboratory tests and prescribed treatment drugs of several pharmacological groups:

  1. Antibiotics: «Cephalexin», «Cefaclor», «Amikacin», «Gentamicin». Highly effective but low-toxicity antibacterial drugs for the treatment of acute pyelonephritis. Depending on the method of production used oral and intravenous.
  2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): «Nimesulide», «Voltaren», «Movalis». The acute form of pyelonephritis is often accompanied by fever. To reduce the temperature of the body and blocking inflammatory processes in the kidney during the treatment of this disease are appointed pills NIP.
  3. Probiotics: «Ecoflor», «Triact», «Bifidum BUG». These drugs are appointed to restore the intestinal flora affected in the treatment of the acute form of pyelonephritis with antibiotics. Probiotics contain beneficial microorganisms that reduce toxicity and remove waste products.
  4. Protivosvertawate: «Dipiridamol», «Heparin», «Caffeine». Drugs in this category, normalize renal blood flow, which significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment.

The treatment of the chronic form of pyelonephritis requires more methodical approach. After the examination, doctors prescribe long-term treatment with drugs of the following pharmacological group:

  1. Penicillins: «Carbenicillin», «Attilly», «Amoxicillin». They are prescribed for the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis (kidney disease) at the lowest level of nefrotoksicnosti.
  2. Ftorinol: «Ofloxacin», «Ciprofloxacin», «Levofloxacin». Are assigned in the form of injections. Powerful anti-bacterial effect of these drugs significantly increases the efficiency of the fight with pyelonephritis (kidney disease).
  3. Cephalosporins 2nd and 3rd generation: «Cefaclor», «Cephalexin». Low-toxic drugs to combat inflammatory processes. Active ingredients of these cephalosporins destroy the cell walls of bacteria, causing pyelonephritis (kidney disease), and kills them, restoring the normal operation of a canalicular system.
  4. Nitrofurans: «Furagin», «Furazolidone», «Furadonin». Effective in dealing with chronic pyelonephritis, however, due to the high degree of toxicity, they are prescribed in the most extreme cases, kidney disease.
  5. Oxichinolina: «Nitroksolin», «5 NOK». Drugs in this category are well tolerated by the body, but their effectiveness in the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis (kidney disease) has deteriorated due to decrease in the sensitivity of microorganisms bacteria.


Surgical treatment if the pyelonephritis is assigned in the most extreme cases, when the inflammatory processes affecting the internal tissues of the kidneys do not respond to antibiotics and preparations of a NIP. Surgical intervention is aimed at preventing nefroskleroza and pyonephrosis. Running stage of pyelonephritis lead to a unilateral kidney shrinkage.

To prevent further inflammation of the urinary system is assigned nephrectomy – surgery to remove the kidney (under General anesthesia the patient open the retroperitoneal space and cut off the affected organ). In rare cases, when there is destruction of one half of the double kidney, the surgeons resorted to resection. This operation involves removal of part of tissues of the kidneys, affected purulent inflammation.

Folk remedies for the treatment at home

Traditional methods of dealing with pyelonephritis (kidney disease) involve the use of drugs in hospital, but is there no way to do without doctors. Experts in home recipes claim: in early stages effective pyelonephritis treatment of folk remedies at home is quite possible. Write down a few recipes of my grandmother to be ready, if there is great danger of inflammation of the kidneys:

  1. Propolis with butter. Melt 60-70 grams of butter, add 15 grams of propolis and mix. Eat the resulting mush 5-7 grams with an interval of 7-8 hours.
  2. Oatmeal. Excellent tool for the treatment of acute and chronic pyelonephritis (kidney disease). Weld 170 grams of oats in a liter of milk. You need to boil a long time until until half the liquid evaporates. Cool the jelly and drink it in intervals of 5-6 hours. After 2-3 weeks the kidney disease will retreat.
  3. Salt bandage. Pour on a thick large towel 230 grams of salt and soak it with water. Before going to sleep tie around his waist and go to sleep. Performing this procedure every night, you will be able to remove the aggravation of pyelonephritis (kidney disease) in less than two weeks.

Herbal medicine

To improve efficiency of medical treatment of inflammation of the kidneys will help natural herbal teas. Natural ingredients help to normalize the balance of nutrients and cleanse the body of toxins. Official medicine recognizes most of the existing methods of treatment herbs. Popular broths provide the whole complex of useful effects:

  • uroseptic;
  • diuretic;
  • detoxification;
  • tonic.

Here are some phytotherapeutic recipes, repeatedly demonstrating its efficacy in the treatment of acute infectious pyelonephritis (kidney disease):

  1. Meadowsweet, yarrow and Boudreau. In a large metal bowl, mix these herbs in equal proportions, add a small amount of agrimony, immortelle, celery and marshmallow. Pour a liter of water to boiling and steep 1.5-2 hours. For effective treatment of the acute form of pyelonephritis (kidney disease) drink the broth at intervals of 12 hours, 30-40 ml.
  2. Fireweed, chamomile, birch. Incredibly effective agent for the treatment of chronic pyelonephritis (kidney disease). Mix ingredients in equal amounts and pour three cups of boiling water. The application scheme is extremely simple: drink on 50-60 ml of broth every 8 hours, and after 2-3 weeks the kidney disease recede forever.

Features of treatment of the disease

The main task of the physician prescribing drugs for the treatment of acute/chronic pyelonephritis – properly assess the situation and to consider all nuances. Most people that enter the hospital with inflammation of the kidneys, treatment is prescribed according to the standard scheme, however, there are certain categories of people for whom treatment measures are selected based on additional factors.

In children

The child’s body by definition can not normally absorb the potent drugs, so doctors carefully choose what antibiotics to treat the kid, not to damage the gastrointestinal tract. At the age of 12 are not recommended to get involved in folk remedies, it is better to consult specialists. Homemade teas and tinctures is not contraindicated, however, if they do not help to cure pyelonephritis (a kidney disease) for 2-3 days, seek medical care immediately.

In pregnant women

Potent antibacterial drugs for the treatment of acute pyelonephritis during pregnancy apply only after a full examination and only as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Any initiative in such situations should be excluded. Underweight pregnant women may respond to medication is inadequate, so she always needs to be under the supervision of experts.

Is it possible to cure chronic pyelonephritis fully

Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis aimed at blocking the inflammatory process and normalise the production of the kidneys. If that works, all the symptoms disappear, the health is normalized, but the disease itself remains. Under the influence of negative external/internal factors, the decreased immunity, hypothermia, stress, or something else, the disease will again manifest itself, and then require re-treatment.

Video about the symptoms and treatment of acute pyelonephritis

The following clip contains recommendations of experts about what to do if you suspect inflammation of the kidney. After watching this video, you get a lot of valuable information about the detection and treatment of the acute form of pyelonephritis. Take the information on Board to help dangerous infectious illness brought you to the hospital bed!

Feedback on the results of treatment

Igor, 34 years: Know what the medicine, after doctors diagnosed. Said, inflammation of the kidney began because of hypothermia. Week was treated with antibiotics that are prescribed at the hospital. The condition did not improve. Mother-in-law advised a decoction of chamomile and birch. Wife made all as told, I started drinking. Three days later went for testing and learned that the situation has improved markedly.

Valentine, 49 years: the Doctors diagnosed her grandson acute pyelonephritis. Ordered a bunch of their drugs, but I decided not to hurry with them. Started making the dressing with salt and water little Mexico jelly from oats. Put him on a healthy diet so the body is better fought. After 4 days the local doctor said that the pyelonephritis almost retreated. And any pharmacy drugs not need!

Olga, 34 years: In the past month with great difficulty cured the cystitis. Two weeks ago on a survey, said, you have acute pyelonephritis (kidney disease). I was upset, but decided this time to be smarter. Had taken three days off, gruel prepared from propolis, made a decoction of yarrow. Actively treated and by the end of the week was completely healthy!


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