Food waste disposer for sink: how to choose and install

During cooking, usually produces a lot of food waste. Leftovers have to be thrown in the trash. Modern developments help in such cases to be freed from any waste by grinding and flushing into the sewer. The device used for this is called disposera. This food waste disposer for sink exposes the processing of cooked and raw vegetables and fruits, small bones, pasta and other leftover food.

The variety of food waste grinders

The shredder waste can be electric. It should be included out of necessity, he has no knives, recycling of waste involved hammers. To choose a shredder for kitchen electrical, not mechanical, is better due to the absence of knives. The device is safe to use. Shredder waste for the sink is still mechanical. Running such a device from water which is under pressure and rotates the knives, the chopping trash. Mechanical products can be: with batch loading and continuous loading. When the grinding with continuous load:

  • we only need to access the water;
  • to turn on the device;
  • collect from cleaning all the waste;
  • download cleaning;
  • wait a bit and turn off the device;
  • then just let the water drain, to wash away all the remains processed through the sewers and close the valve.

Batch garbage disposal for sink works differently: first loads of waste, then turn the mechanism. In these models, a large value has a chamber volume of the device – the higher it is, the more he will be able to process residues. For a family of three people is ideal shredder for the shell with a volume of 0.9 liters.

The principle of operation of disposer

To understand the operation of the device, will help guide. Works kitchen chopper simple:

  1. First you need to access cold water.
  2. Next, turn on the instrument itself.
  3. After that, drop in sink food waste and garbage. Will start recycling.
  4. Camera disposer has a centrifugal force that causes all objects that enter the instrument, to be distributed on the walls.
  5. Crushing chamber, depending on the type of product, equipped with jaws or blades, which convert the waste into a homogeneous mass.
  6. After work, drain the water and rinse the resulting waste residues.
  7. Switch off the appliance and water.


How to choose a shredder for the kitchen in the sink

It is best to acquire the chopper in the sink with a high capacity, so that it coped with different type of waste. The lower bound of this rate is 550 watts. This device is ideal for a family of 4 people. Powerful machine, for example, 1300 W, grind large bones and nuts. This industrial food waste disposer, had a large cost, so they often get it for restaurants and cafes. Other points:

  • At the machine should be high speed. If it is a mechanical device, this setting will be depend of water pressure. Electrical products can have up to 1400 revolutions per minute. The higher the speed, the more waste dispouzer process.
  • The crushing chamber of the device must be large, but in moderation – to fit under the sink.
  • Ideal, resist corrosion, is dispouzer stainless steel. Have some products with a special coating that is able to work even in the toughest conditions.
  • It is necessary that disposer was a choice of several speeds and enhanced noise reduction.
  • The device must be reverse rotation and automatic overload protection.

A review of the best producers

Today, shredders produce such well known companies as Whirlpool and Bosch-Siemens. In addition, a wide popularity was gained dispouzerov Bonecrusher. They are intended for household use. These devices do an excellent job with the processing of any waste while freeing up your kitchen from wet garbage and unpleasant smells. Bone Crusher is made of special durable plastic material, and working inside of metal. The product is equipped with special button for inclusion, which is set on the kitchen table.

In St. Petersburg you can buy the InSinkErator food waste disposer for sink. This model does not require complex connection, since it runs from the hydraulic actuator. The device turns on easily, just push the button and it turns off when you release it. Wastes are ground and removed from the sewer together with water flow. Grinding small, so any blockages are eliminated, and you will not have to repair the pipes. In addition, automatic reverse device In Sink Erator, will clear the blockage.

Another popular shredder ideal for Franke sinks with the diameter of the drain holes of 3.5. This device works from a simple 220 V socket, has an induction motor. This kitchen appliance sink is quiet because it is equipped with a noise reduction system. In addition, the device is able, thanks to the pneumatic system to work in automatic mode – grind the scum as they come.

How to install

Detailed instructions of how the food waste disposer to set for the shell, should go in the kit for each model. You need to follow the steps outlined in this document. If you don’t have basic plumbing and electrical skills, it is better not to undertake the installation of equipment, and to entrust the work to a specialist. If you are confident in your abilities, you should all operations be performed in the following order (a more detailed video instruction is at the end of the article):

  • first, you need to disconnect the pipe from the sink and clean all the parts of the drain;
  • next, place the rubber gasket from the unit under the sink flange;
  • using the parts supplied, connect the mounting fixture of disposer with sink;
  • after that connect the device to a mounting fixture;
  • to connect the product to the sewer, you must attach the drain pipe to the exchanger, may need additional plastic adapter, available in any plumbing collection.
  • the other end of the drain pipe connect to existing sewer;
  • to connect to the electricity, make up the installation of a separate switch and additional wiring.

How to use the device

Always in the process of using a shredder, the first and last turns on the water. Remember this and follow instructions:

  • Before use, remove the lid lock or the filter mesh from the drain hole. Open water.
  • Turn himself dispouzer.
  • Download garbage or food waste in the hole of the sink.
  • Leave the appliance working until then, until you hear only the sound of the motor current and tap water.
  • Turn off the device.
  • Leave the water, is enabled 20 seconds after crushing to wash out the camera.
  • The device should only work if you strong water pressure.
  • You should not grind fibrous foods, stones of peaches, shells of nuts, the husk of the onion
  • Do not throw the cellophane, thread, polyethylene. Banned shredded paper, hair, textiles. The device is contraindicated in wood, glass, stones.
  • We can’t let children to send the waste.
  • It is not recommended during grinding pouring the hot water and fat.

Customer reviews

Kate, 30 years: We installer shredder waste two years ago. Used to think that this is a waste of money. Don’t understand how before lived without it. During this time the device not once did not disappoint us. All waste, and this skins from vegetables and peel from citrus, he grinds properly. Care undemanding – I just open the water a little longer after grinding.

Lena, 45 years: I don’t like being in the basin accumulates a large number of peel from carrots, beets, potatoes, when you cook soup or make salad. To empty them I don’t like. So my husband and I decided to buy a shredder. We have a family of 4 people, the unit took a power of 550 watts. We have enough. All skins are ground, and I don’t spend time handling them in the trash.

Maria, 27 years: Considered that the disposer for the sink is a luxury, and it installs only those who once again do not want to take out the trash. But after I had children, I became a lot of cooking. Therefore, in the sink began to accumulate a huge amount of debris: clean, peel from the fruit, seeds. You had the time to get it all clean. I had to buy dispouzer, and I am now very happy.


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