Why sore nipples on the breast of girls, women and men

This unpleasant phenomenon may occur not only in women but also in men and children. The discomfort mostly quite tolerant, but sometimes it becomes too strong. Why sore nipples, how to deal with it? You first need to establish the reason – to find out, there are physiological changes of the body, or born disease. A favorable outcome depends on how quickly you notice the problem and solve it.

Causes of pain in nipples

Common reason for both sexes and all ages is hormonal changes. For girls they are natural, because every month the female sex hormones change what is displayed on the breast and nipples. During pregnancy in the body is the mass of transformations, mammary gland modified one of the first. Nipple soreness in men, often is due to hormonal imbalance. In children, this phenomenon occurs rarely, mainly in adolescence. Why sore nipples from different members of the population? The main reasons described below.


There are a number of diseases in which pain is felt in the nipple area:

  1. Gynecomastia. It is associated with decreased production of male hormones and more female. The ratio is disturbed, causing the Breasts increases, and there is soreness of the nipples. Pathology develops during the period of the extinction of sexual function, disorders of the liver, kidneys, testes, endocrine system. False gynecomastia is observed in case of excessive increase of body weight, when the Breasts are also growing in volume.
  2. Diabetes mellitus. This disease occurs because of disorders of the hormonal system, affecting the whole organism and the sensitivity of the nipple.
  3. Infectious inflammation. Has a similar nature with mastitis in women: chest hardens, appear purulent discharge from the nipple, there is severe pain.
  4. Cancer of the breast or nipple. A very rare disease among the male population, is more common after age 60. In this case, it only hurts the right or left breast (nipple).


Why sore nipples from the fairer sex? The sensations are so strong that even to touch his chest hurt. There are several reasons:


  1. Premenstrual syndrome. Before my period sore nipples and Breasts large percentage of women. 2-3 days prior to menstruation the breast becomes more sensitive and the nipples swell and become rough. This is due to the increase in the second half of the cycle the concentrations of prolactin and progesterone. If fertilization does not occur, the hormonal background is stabilized, and the breast acquires the previous form.
  2. Pregnancy. Breast enlargement, appearance of pain in it – one of the hallmarks of an interesting situation. Nipples this may cause discomfort, but restructuring often takes place without any changes. If you are sick, there is a delay, constant drowsiness, fatigue, do not write off the pregnancy.
  3. Breastfeeding. Improper latch baby to the breast, cracked nipples, stagnation milk – this causes very unpleasant sensations in the entire breast and nipples.
  4. Hormonal failure. It is associated with disorders of the adrenal, thyroid, and nervous system. Any imbalance of active substances alerts about various changes: the Breasts become swollen and painful nipples. Often shifting cycle.
  5. The wrong hormones. If at reception of contraceptives there you notice several above symptoms, consult your gynecologist. He should write only after getting acquainted with your analysis.
  6. Tight or narrow bra. This is the reason why sore nipples, banal, and after its removal you will forget about discomfort in his chest.

In children

The little boys and girls rarely have pain in nipples. If such a change occurs, it’s likely that the reason lies in mechanical factors such as bruises, cuts, blows, rubbing of clothing. We should not exclude an allergic reaction, inflammation, impaired function of the adrenal, pituitary. In adolescence pain in nipples boys and girls is a more common phenomenon, as is hormonal changes in the body.

What to do if sore nipples

On their own you can eliminate the mechanical factors that trigger the pain, to fight with stress, bad habits, to bring to life the sport and more positive emotions. If this does not produce results, then you need to consult with a specialist. Specific actions depend on the cause. In many cases, requires a series of examinations – tests, biopsy, ultrasound. Men mainly prescribe hormone therapy to balance the active substance. Why severely sore nipples in women and how to deal with it, you will learn more.

When feeding

A burning sensation in your nipples is a common problem during lactation. Young mothers need to choose comfortable seamless underwear, use soft breast pads, regular hygiene without soap – it dries the skin. After feeding milk to dry on nipples. To lubricate their sea buckthorn oil should not be used Zelenka or alcohol.

If when feeding sore nipples, probably the kid grasps them only and not the whole areola. The correct breastfeeding position reduces the pressure on the nipple. Should not delay the breast from the baby in the hope that he’ll let her go. The child has just crushed the nipple with gums, further increasing the pain. You need to gently push the gums the crumbs the little finger, then he lets the breast.

Do your best to speed healing of the nipples. Keep chest open for as long as possible. For deep damage, lubricate the skin with healing cream or ointment (Bepanthen, AVENT, Enovita). If one breast has cracks, feed your baby another. In this case, must Express milk residues to avoid stagnation. Do not touch the Boobs and nipples just like that – only when necessary.

Before menstruation

In most cases, sore nipples after ovulation. If the discomfort increases and goes along with menstruation, do not worry. This phenomenon is physiological. However, pain sometimes indicate disorders of the ovaries, uterus, thyroid gland. To ease discomfort will help:

  • a warm shower;
  • a proper diet;
  • the lack in the diet of strong coffee, tea, alcohol;
  • refusal from salty, spicy foods;
  • the doctor often prescribes drugs or magnesium advises to eat foods rich in this mineral.

Do not RUB the Breasts and nipples hard sponge, use soft towel, wear a comfortable bra. Repair every stimulus that provokes the pain in my nipples. The chest can still moderately be disturbed in the middle of the cycle, but also the norm. If the pain becomes stronger, accompanied by other ailments, be sure to go to the doctor. This in some cases indicates serious problems.

During pregnancy

This is a frequent occurrence in the early stages. During pregnancy sore nipples due to hormonal changes. They become more blinded, which is accompanied by increased blood flow, increasing sensitivity. Under the influence of prolactin, the breast is growing rapidly, increasing the number of ducts. When the breast tissue is not lagging behind this development, on the delicate skin of the nipples there are cracks, then burning, mucus, crusts. Over time, the sensitivity decreases, and by the middle of pregnancy sore nipples are almost not concerned.

When taking Duphaston (drug progesterone), the Breasts and nipples may become more sensitive. But dramatically you can’t undo it, because it often causes miscarriage. Will facilitate the condition of the air of the bath – need to go Topless. So you will provide the skin the extra oxygen and temper the body (but everything should be in moderation). Do not take a hot shower and keep your room temperature of 18-20°C. now start lubricating nipples buckthorn oil or cream based on lanolin.

To what doctor to address

When the pain in your nipples, you must make an appointment to see the gynecologist. He will conduct a manual examination, collect a medical history and send for tests. Next, the doctor may recommend that you contact mammologu, which will do a mammogram for detection in the breast is benign or malignant formations. In special cases, for accurate diagnosis biopsy. If you are having hormonal imbalance, I have to go to an endocrinologist. The doctor will examine the adrenal glands, pituitary gland, thyroid gland. Treatment given after professional assessment of test results and diagnosis.

Video about diseases that cause pain in the breast

Severe discomfort in Breasts and nipples never just emerges. For any disturbing phenomenon hides certain disorder, and the sooner you find out, the better and faster will be the healing process. Dr. M. M. Sperling talks about the clear causes of chest pain and gives advice on their elimination. However, do not put yourself diagnosed and take these drugs without consultation of the attending physician.


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