Pneumococcal vaccine: vaccine against infection of children and adults

In the first months of a child’s life is very important to protect the body from harmful infections. Every year hundreds of thousands of children suffer from otitis media, meningitis and other inflammatory diseases. The consequences of such illnesses can be very serious. Pneumococcal vaccination for adults is optional, but kids will. The injection helps to prevent the development of infectious processes of the lungs, heart and other important systems. For this reason it belongs to the number of mandatory procedures.

Indications for pneumococcal vaccine

Grafting is often performed in childhood. Many parents think that after such injections the baby will be less sick with a cold, but the view is wrong. Preventive action of the preparation is aimed at formation of immunity against pneumococcal infections, but not respiratory diseases. For adults, that such grafting is done with modified versions of the vaccine to prevent invasive pneumococcal infection.

How do vaccination against pneumococcal infection children

The procedure was long attributed to the number of compulsory and introduced in the national immunization schedule for kids. It is done by appointment in the pediatric ward of the hospital. According to the immunization schedule, vaccination against pneumonia is injected into the body of the baby in the first year of life: 2, 4, 5, and 15 months. This age is considered optimal for the formation of the child’s immunity to the pneumococcus. Its price in this period for parents free. Contraindications to vaccination include:


  • Allergy to components of drug;
  • temperature;
  • the aggravation of diseases.

In the first few days after the procedure at the injection site may show a small seal and redness. In extreme cases, the activity of the child decreases, there is low-grade fever and chills. A day these symptoms disappear. Pneumococcal vaccination carried very easily. Observing such instruction, it is possible to avoid the subsequent complications:

  1. The injection site is forbidden to smear with brilliant green, iodine.
  2. In the case of increasing temperature, it is necessary to take Panadol.
  3. It is prohibited to apply a bandage or compress on the site of vaccination.

Types of vaccinations against pneumococcus

There are several drugs that are approved by the Ministry of health for use. Vaccination against pneumococcal infection is performed by means of either Prevenar Pneumo-23. Both vaccines are imported from abroad. The drugs are well tolerated by babies and do not cause serious adverse reactions. The difference injection – that the vaccine against pneumococcal disease with Prevenar allowed 2 months. The pneumo 23 vaccine is administered to children older than 2 years. Even if after using the medication the baby will get sick, the recovery will be fast and easy.

Video: Dr. Komarovsky on pneumococcal vaccination

Trying to protect the baby from adverse environment, we are happy to consent to different vaccination. Thanks to the video you will understand whether to make vaccination against pneumococcal infection to her child or not, and what are the consequences for the health of the absence of such treatments for children. An experienced specialist will explain the situation and will help parents make the right decision.


Katherine, 49 years: After such vaccination grandson really crying, tantrums. The evening temperature rose to 37°C, although in the morning everything was fine. Given a febrifuge, barely a bed to sleep in. The next day, all the alarming symptoms disappeared, so we a doctor did not address. The therapist promised that the sick child will be less. For vaccination was used vaccine pneumo-23.

Alina, 29 years: After the scary stories about unsuccessful vaccinations was very afraid of delivering the vaccine to the child. In the end she got the shot. The child yesterday was a small chill, a bit of temperatures, very sore leg after vaccination. I gave him paracetamol, but it is better in day not. I really hope that it was just a reaction to the vaccine.

Anna, 32 years: we did these shots, just no use of them! My son is only 7 years old, and the immune system no longer perfect. We constantly have colds, sore throats, even otitis media was a complication. Maybe someone these injections helped, but no matter how much we tried, but the kid still caught the contagion in the garden. Now give the vitamins to make up for the damage to health.


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