41 week of pregnancy

Although the expected due date has arrived, but you haven’t given birth, and no regular contractions and the separation of water. This is quite acceptable, since it is possible that the doctor calculate your due date wrong or the baby has decided that he has very little need to stay in your tummy and be born a little later period. It is now fully ready to be born and you are already tired of waiting. The height and weight of the baby is steadily growing with each passing day, which leads to an increase in the size of the fetus. Thus there is a weakening of the functions of the placenta, which can lead to difficulties in the delivery of nutrients to the fetus. You can give birth any day, and you may be put in the hospital to solve the issue of induction.

Changes in the body 41 week

41-week calendar is the end of the ninth month, and tenth month obstetric, pregnancy full-term, you’ve crossed over into 40 weeks. But there is sometimes a tendency to perejivayu pregnancy or incorrectly calculated the time so you can still be pregnant. In reality the duration of pregnancy may depend on multiple factors, from duration of menstrual cycles, from the time of leaving the egg (ovulation) and heredity, age and hormonal it pregnant. Therefore, it is likely that you can give birth is already on 41 week of pregnancy, it is not dangerous. The baby is completely ready to a meeting with this world, completed all necessary processes of fetal development and are actively working with all the systems and organs, and was extremely closely within the uterus due to the continuously growth of the fetus and set weight to them. On average, he now weighs about 3700 g and its growth up to 54 cm

Worth to go to the hospital for admission and preparation for childbirth, it is important to collect all the necessary things for birth, and documents, to clarify the conditions of how you will be hospitalized. It is important to remember breathing techniques during labor, and don’t worry if you have transferred the pregnancy – if this is your first pregnancy, it is quite acceptable.

It is important to conduct an ultrasound and to undergo a medical examination, to evaluate the work of the placenta and its condition, as there is an active the aging process and the child may lack nutrients and oxygen. Then will decide about induction of labor or the need for caesarean section. Do not worry, soon your baby is born.

Harbingers of childbirth, and 41 week

If the birth has not yet arrived this week – don’t worry, panic is useless, because the term may not be entirely true or just your delivery was delayed. You’re just a little walk with his big belly, waiting for the birth of the crumbs. The physician will closely monitor to ensure that any threats and complications for the baby, and then the question of induction of labor will be pending. Quite safe childbirth can occur in this and even the next week of pregnancy. Especially likely time over-runs more than 40 weeks my mother, who gives birth for the first time after 30 years.

Pregnancy this week is considered prolonged, but not post-term, therefore, the birth can take place in the same manner as in the period 38-40 weeks, except that the fruit grows. To understand that childbirth began, you will help regular contractions is a strong feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and lower back that lasts for certain intervals of time, and which increases in intensity and duration. Unlike training false contractions – they do not disappear after rest or changing position of the body. To go to the hospital when the interval between contractions seven to ten minutes, we should not worry and worry, childbirth is a natural process. Also, childbirth may begin with the discharge of amniotic fluid and then regular contractions.


It is important during early labor to focus on yourself and breathe properly at the matches, to ease the discomfort. It is also important not to lie in fights, and to move actively, it is by the force of gravity will help you in facilitating cervical dilatation and smooth advancement of the head. Can supportive bounce at a special ball if the hospital allows, take a warm shower. Every woman in labor intuitively makes for himself a situation in which it will be easier to endure labor pains. It is also important to listen to all instructions from the midwife and the doctor.

With full cervical dilatation the time will come to push, push you will need when you are going to talk about that midwife, you need to carefully listen to all instructions from the medical staff, to avoid wasting power and to avoid such complications in childbirth, such as tears of the soft tissues of the birth canal. In between contractions and attempts need to rest and recuperate, it is important to focus on breathing and relaxation to help the baby be born. Generic pain are severe, in this case the body through the release of special substances to protect itself from the development of a painful shock. So do not worry that you will not be able to give birth, all women go through this and safely give birth to children.

Immediately after birth the baby takes its first breath, and announce the world shouting, it is placed on the abdomen of the mother and the forward end of the pulsation of the umbilical cord, cut it, and there comes the third stage of labor – the birth of the placenta. Then see the mother with the baby for a few hours and then transferred to the ward.

The feeling of the future mother

It is important at this time to listen carefully to your feelings, because the delivery date has already arrived and it is time for the birth of the baby. Fetal movements can be felt very often, because space in the uterus is not enough for him, he mostly pushes, kicks and vorochaniya. If the baby makes itself felt, should be reported to this doctor, as well as strong and active movements. The placenta is aging, and the fetus may experience hypoxia. On average it should be at least ten times in 12 hours, and preferably more.

Due to the large belly you feel tired all the time and back pain, at night it is impossible to find a comfortable position for sleep, suffer from insomnia. Especially hard to sleep if you want to get up to the toilet, because the fetal head presses on the pelvic bone and perineum, go swelling and increased urination. By preparing the body for childbirth you may experience unpleasant sensations such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea due to the physiological cleansing of the body for childbirth, although this is not at all pregnant. Due to the pressure head in the pelvis can increase and constipation, straight intestine is emptied with difficulty that brings to the expectant mother uncomfortable.

Now all documents and things for the hospital have already been assembled and stand ready, all the family look forward to your childbirth and may even bother you with calls and questions, try to be annoyed – they also, like you, worried and waiting for the baby. It should be possible to rest and gain strength for childbirth, further rest will be a particularly busy. Now you can go, eat a variety of delicious dishes and to do as much household chores, you can create a supply of food in the fridge for a spouse during your absence in the hospital.

It can afford to have sex, he would also be the way to relieve stress and a source of pleasant sensations, and natural childbirth simulator. You can talk to the child, he can hear you, and ask him to hurry up with the birth. Also now you can devote time to learning the basics of newborn care, read articles on the topic of breastfeeding. It is important to listen carefully to the sensations of your body – fast delivery portend a lowering of the abdomen, with pressure on rectum and bladder, the cessation of heartburn and relief of breath, which can come pain in the perineum, pelvis and legs. You may experience mood swings, total lack of appetite or, on the contrary, a strong hunger. And the most obvious feeling of the baby coming is a discharge of mucous plug or amniotic fluid, the beginning of regular contractions.


Now discomfort and pain can be quite a lot. It is, above all, backache, aching of the lower back due to the fact that the belly down and the head of the fetus up into the pelvis. Thus, it becomes difficult to walk, constantly want in a toilet, there is pain in the sacrum, pain between your legs. Occasionally petrifies the stomach due to the active contractions of the uterus to prepare for childbirth – training fights, gradually they can move in the true, regular. When the true battles a stomachache and aching lower back, contractions gradually increase in strength and duration, the periods between them are reduced – it’s time to go to the hospital.


In this period, the main allocations should be transparent mucus, mixed with streaks of pink or brown. If secretions become yellowish or greenish, frothy or cheesy consistence, sharp odor – this indicates the activation of genital infections. At this time the development of such infections is very dangerous because childbirth can begin on any day, and you just don’t have time to fully treat the infection. This can lead to high risk of infection of the fetus during its passage through the birth canal, and this increases the risks of complications in childbirth and the postpartum period. Therefore, if such discharge immediately to the doctor and then to be treated!

If you reached this period, and the pregnancy develops quite normally, you can note the increase and formation of mucous secretions, they can be transparent, milky-white, tinged with pink. Usually it is the discharge of mucus plug from the cervix, which indicates rapid delivery. The tube may depart small piece or a lump of mucus up to two tablespoons after a discharge tube is to abandon bathing in the tub and sex.

If you are experiencing spotting or discharge occurs scarlet, dark CROI, should immediately go to the hospital, it is a sign of incipient detachment of the placenta. When this state is necessary immediately to resolve the issue of delivery.

How to recognize a leak of amniotic fluid

Also should act in the presence of copious liquid discharge is transparent or slightly whitish, with a sweet smell. It’s leaking amniotic fluid and the birth will begin very soon. Water may pass slowly or gush flow in the legs, delivery should occur after their discharge the next day. Especially much you need to worry about, if the waste water is greenish or brown, the reason for immediate departure to the hospital. Water dyed meconium, and if the child swallowed such waters, it would be not very favorable.

To detect leakage water using a special test strip, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, if the light on it changed the color of the waters broke and immediately need to go to the hospital.

The state of the cervix 41 midwifery week

In this period the uterus drops due to opening of the internal pharynx and the abdomen is lowered, facilitating respiration and digestion. The volume of the stomach remains at maximum, and childbirth can come at any time. You already almost got used to the periodic contractions of the uterus and increase its tone (false labor). Can also arise and dragging pain in the abdomen and lower back, increasing uterine tone and contractions begin.

The cervix gradually softens, there is a gradual partial opening, which leaves the plug covering the entrance to the uterus. Soon will come the birth. Their beginning will be the occurrence of regular contractions, and painful rhythmic uterine contractions that occur at regular intervals of time. These contractions lead to progressive and gradual cervical dilatation – this helps in the birth of a child – his head and body passes through the open cervix during attempts.

What to do if labor does not occur

It is worth remembering that if the birth does not occur in this week – especially do not worry, the timing could be inaccurate. It is important to carefully monitor the health and condition as well as the monitoring of the status and functions of the placenta. Your doctor may choose to hospitalize you in the hospital to prepare for childbirth or even to registeronready. Especially important is the condition of the cervix – its maturity and readiness for birth. If she’s ready for delivery very soon, and can be decided to the drug stimulation. Stimulation will be necessary in the discharge of amniotic fluid, in the absence of labor. The reason for stimulation can be chronic diseases of women, pathology of the kidneys or the condition of preeclampsia. If there is no threat to the fetus no, the doctors can just wait for the beginning of parturition, although the woman is already tired of being pregnant – in consultation with the doctor can try natural induction of labor – sex, nipple massage chest, climbs the stairs, wash floors. Also they say that the birth stimulates eating pineapple, spicy, reception of castor oil, just a couple drops on a piece of bread.

In General, is quite safe in good health and normal state of the fetus to be like even a few days.


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