39 weeks pregnant

Your pregnancy is full-term and delivery can happen any moment, as soon as you and your baby will both be ready for it. The growth of the child does not stop for a minute, he gains weight and grows, though and as active as a few weeks ago. Place in the uterus little, you often feel uncomfortable with the harbingers of childbirth, or of times were tired and quickly want to have to give birth. You’ve come a long way and there are only a few days. Closer to childbirth, the amount of amniotic fluid will decrease and the baby will be quite crowded. But this will allow in childbirth to reduce the risk of complications such as the loss of the umbilical cord and other. Prepare everything you need for a trip to the hospital and rest.

Changes in your body at 39 weeks

39 weeks – midwife this is the tenth month and the end of the ninth calendar month, before giving birth just a few days, the period from 38 to 40 weeks is considered quite normal for the birth of a baby. Now you do not gain weight, despite the fact that the child still growing, your body is preparing for childbirth, and increasingly make themselves known harbingers of birth. Major changes in health status in comparison with the previous week, but became frequent urge to the toilet, increased anxiety and nervousness because of the fear of baby coming. The uterus and its cervix are actively preparing for the childbirth, gradually expanding and softening, which may give a brown discharge. There is a lowering of the abdomen and facilitating breathing, improves digestion, and can arise even diarrhoea in connection with preparing the body for childbirth. Childbirth can begin in any time – day or night, with can first to occur of the fight, and then depart water or Vice versa – both variants are normal. It is not necessary now to go on trips away from home, you should always carry the necessary documents, especially if this is not the first birth. If a surgery is planned, the more likely you will be put in the hospital in advance to prepare.

You can give birth in this or the next week, the birth of a child in the da only happens in 5% of women, others are doing it before or even after the deadline. It’s not dangerous, the baby is already matured and fully ready for extrauterine life.

The development of the fetus in the 39th week: weight: size and gender

The child by this time weighs about 3300 g, and had achieved growth in 52-53 see It full-term and is preparing to birth into the light. Wiggling toddler in this juice are becoming less active due to heavy overcrowding in the womb, he pulls his knees to his chest and crosses his pen, to make it easier to placed in the uterus. This is due to the fact that the amount of amniotic fluid is closer to genera decreases due to the effect hormonal levels, which also significantly restricts movement. The majority of children in this period have a cephalic presentation, the most convenient for a natural childbirth, but may be pelvic, and then the issue will be resolved about whether it is possible to birth vaginally or should I resort to caesarean section.

Now exactly what will be in the first days after birth, he has fully formed all the reflexes that a newborn, all its organs and systems are fully developed, and a nervous system full controls. The even rhythm of sleep and wakefulness the child is now, what will it be in the first weeks of life. The kid in the periods of activity sucks his finger or moves his limbs, actively respond to external stimuli. He actively reacts to loud sounds or touching the abdomen may wince, shudder, hiccups and swallows the amniotic fluid. Due to the amniotic fluid and their digestion in the intestine formed the original cal – meconium, it needs to recover after birth. If the fetus experiences in the womb of suffering, there could be a discharge of meconium earlier and the water is dyed in green color.


Actively increasing body mass and muscle strength, stored calcium and iron for further extrauterine life, training coordination and muscle tone. It is important to monitor the perturbations of the fetus, during the day it needs to be felt at least ten times. If its activity is very low or the stirring of strong and permanent, you need to see a doctor, maybe the fetus experiences hypoxia.

Baby’s heart actively pumps blood through the blood vessels, the kidneys filter urine, intestines digest zalojennye water, and the pancreas helps to break down due to the production of enzymes that will later help the baby to digest food. But the nervous system still continues to improve, and it will do it after the baby is born. Now the child’s body is sterile, the first microbes will colonize the intestines with the first drops of colostrum from their mother’s breast. Therefore, it is important to attach the baby to the breast immediately after birth, to get him familiar with the flora of the breast skin and nipple.

Nutrition the fetus gets through the placenta while, but now she begins to actively grow old, as she had to work quite a bit. The umbilical cord will be cut only after the birth and then the baby will be powered independently. Lungs are ready for breathing, but are still in the collapsed condition, they will be revealed only after the baby is born.

Harbingers of childbirth and at 39 weeks

Childbirth can begin in any moment, you are completely ready for them, and while you should carefully monitor the condition and the harbingers of birth, they will indicate the imminent onset of the main event of your pregnancy.

Before childbirth a woman’s appetite is greatly reduced due to prepare the body for childbirth, there is a «cleaning» of the whole body with weight loss because toe swelling, a bowel movement until the diarrhea and sometimes may be even nausea with vomiting. On average, takes up to 2 kg of weight. Now become frequent and strong Braxton-Hicks, they are very tangible, but do not have a clear periodicity and do not lead to the disclosure of the cervix. They can be pulling feelings in the lower back and in the abdomen, pain in the abdomen. In order to differentiate from labor contractions, you can take a shower, change the body position, walk around the room or to lie down, usually like false labor, but real are getting stronger, and reduced the interval between them.

Is increased vaginal discharge with discharge of lumps of pinkish mucus plug covering the cervix. The cervix softens and relaxes, which leads to the release tube, it can move in up to two tablespoons or a lump of mucus.

You may experience an overwhelming desire to wash and clean up – «nesting syndrome» that forces a woman to take on heavy homework. Do not hold and overwork. Can also be mood swings and insomnia, it says fast delivery.

Real contractions are painful, when they feeling increasing, and the intervals between contractions are reduced. Dull pain, gradually increase in strength intensity, duration. In the hospital for a first baby you need to come as contractions about every ten minutes and lasting about 30 seconds. When repeated deliveries should hurry, they are typically faster. Childbirth in this period is quite normal, they will be held in three periods – the first long is the fight with the gradual disclosure of the cervix, the second – bearing-down stage – the birth of a child, and the third is the period of the birth of the placenta. In fights you need to move and breathe properly, this will facilitate your condition, listen to the doctors and all will be well. Do not be afraid of the hospital, childbirth is a perfectly natural, and you always will be near a midwife and a doctor.

The feeling of the future mother

39 week wait delivery and great weariness because of the huge belly and discomfort. Now you find it hard to move, to dress, to sleep and even to eat, so you can get annoyed and nervous, tired. Every movement of the baby felt very clearly, he grew up to be very strong, and about 15 pounds overweight to wear hard. With that belly, it’s hard to find a comfortable position, suffer from insomnia, and during the day you feel tired, always want to the toilet, as the head of the fetus presses on the bladder.

Clearly felt the forerunners of childbirth, and prepare the body – can cause nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, though constipation that may be difficult to handle even with the help of food rich in fiber. Dissipating the swelling, and this can leave and a few extra pounds. Increases discomfort in the pelvic bones, there is pain in waist and back, can enroll in the legs, complicating the movement. But amid all these sensations you may experience an emotional lift with the desire to tidy the house and wash and wash, it the syndrome of «nesting» which helps to keep a positive attitude to childbirth. Listen to your instincts – soon your baby will be born, enjoy the last days of pregnancy.


Now you can experience a variety of painful and uncomfortable feelings, they arise as a result of the increased weight and loads on the spine and pelvis. Most likely, belly has dropped, which has led to the pressing of the fetal head to the exit from the pelvis. This may be ache and back ache, lower back pain, you experience discomfort and pain between the legs, feeling of pressure. To ease these feelings will help wearing prenatal bandage and carrying out gymnastics, unloading the back in the knee-elbow position. This will help in the work of digestion, kidney and placenta.

You may experience heartburn and constipation due to digestive problems, and in this period you may feel pain in the back of a hike and hemorrhoids. It is important to consult a doctor for advice on how to improve your condition. If you experience severe swelling and headache, the pressure rises and flies flashed before my eyes, you should immediately consult a doctor, these are signs of preeclampsia. If there is pain in the abdomen, they are regular, thus petrifies abdomen – these may be signs of uterine tone or the onset of labor, should go to hospital.


In this period the nature of the discharge may change – they become more abundant because of the change in hormonal levels and ripening the cervix. The cervical region gives the change in the character of discharge. It can be mucus because the discharge tube from the cervix, although permissible and pink, brown discharge from the admixture of blood from vessels in the area of the softened cervix. Especially the characters after vaginal examination with a doctor. If selection of white, with flakes and itching occurs, it may be thrush, which is treated before childbirth to not give it to the baby.

If you see spotting or blood red or dark color, immediately call the ambulance, it is likely to be placental abruption, bleeding that requires immediate delivery to save the mother and baby.

How to recognize a leak of amniotic fluid

If the discharge is abundant, constantly wet underwear, and they have a clear or whitish shade, sweet odor – most likely it is amniotic fluid. When they leak you need to immediately go to the hospital to decide on childbirth. Since the separation of water prior to delivery should take no more than 12-14 hours to avoid intrauterine infection of the fetus. To recognize the leaking water using a special strip – it is sold in the pharmacy.

The condition of the uterus in 39 obstetric week

Most women have by this time occurred the drooping of the belly, and it was easier to breathe, the bottom of the uterus became a little lower and not sticking in his ribs. In this case, the uterus is actively be prepared for the coming birth, constantly having practice contractions that become stronger and more active, the stomach hardens and can be painful because of the increased uterine tone. False contractions are irregular and do not lead to the disclosure of the cervix. It is now soft, skips the tip of your finger. With the appearance of regular contractions or discharge of amniotic fluid should immediately go to the hospital – childbirth has begun, and the neck began to open.

Ultrasonography (Ultrasound)

At 39 weeks an ultrasound may be needed to clarify any nuances and determine the tactics of delivery, it is further prescribed by the physician. Physician determines the gestational age by ultrasound, the estimated weight and the growing fetus and all its organs and tissues, the degree of maturity and development, as well as look at other indicators ultrasound. It is important to assess the condition of the uterus and its size, maturity and cervical readiness for childbirth, the amount of amniotic fluid and their status. Is determined by the degree of maturity of the placenta – the norm for this period – the third maturity level, and the higher the degree, the older the placenta worse. Also it is important to assess the presence and length of the umbilical cord if it is located on the neck of the fetus, it will require special attention to him at birth.

The symptoms and signs of arthrogryposis and oligohydramnios

According to the ultrasound and test results of a pregnant, you can identify the signs of a drought – it is for this period will be physiological, because it provides a more stable position of the fetus in the uterus, it reduces the tension and prevents the loops of the umbilical cord in childbirth. In polyhydramnios, the uterus can pererastayut that will lead to the weakness of labor and complications. Just install polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios by ultrasound, determining the amount of water in ml.

The common cold and ways to treat

In this stage of pregnancy the common cold is highly undesirable, as there is a risk of having a child suffering from mother observational unit. If there is any evidence of SARS — fever, runny nose and coughing, you should immediately consult a doctor for treatment. The doctor will tell you how to treat the common cold, to prevent complications in childbirth and infections of the baby.

Diet and weight mom

Before childbirth a woman’s body is preparing for the upcoming process, so there is a loss in weight of about 2 kg, on average, by that time you could gain about 12-15 kg, and the body gradually reduces the weight. This excess fluid and cleansing the bowel.

Appetite may be reduced or absent, it is normal, is to eat a little vegetable dairy food, avoiding spicy, fatty and fried. Give preference to dairy products, cereals and vegetable dishes. You can also do a fasting day on apples, yogurt or salads.


The attitude toward sex in this week of pregnancy is ambiguous. Many doctors are against it, since departed mucus plug and may be infection of the fetus. It is also believed that an orgasm can trigger labor, although the body is ready for it. But at the same time, the male sperm affects the cervix as a means of active training and softening that helps in preparation for childbirth. Therefore, this issue should focus exclusively on his desire and mood, if you want – is to find a comfortable position and to avoid deep and rapid penetration.


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