7 secrets of weight loss with Chinese dishes

Unlike Western cultures, the Chinese believe that the flavor profile is the main indicator of good food. While the food is tasty, it deserves a place on the dining table. Surprisingly, counting the number of calories consumed, the fat content of the products is not taken into account in the preparation of Chinese menus. Why do beautiful Chinese women characterized by slender figures, and their ability to look younger than their years of a legend?

7 secrets of weight loss «Chinese»:

  1. Smaller Cutlery, smaller portions. Small plates help to regulate the amount of food consumed. A couple of spoons of rice, small portion of meat or vegetable dishes – a great option for weight loss.
  2. The principle of «common dishes». Traditional rice noodles – constant dishes served individually in the order in a Chinese restaurant. Other portions are served in «family style». Trying a variety of delicacies, sharing snacks together, you eat smaller portions. This principle in most diets is called «calorie control».
  3. Three meals a day. Young Chinese girl accustomed to the fact that Breakfast is the most important meal of gathering the whole family at the table. Proportional split of calories by 3 admission, a light dinner will help in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The vegetables in the spotlight. Fiber-containing carbohydrates and nutrients, the vegetables in the Chinese menu are the «main load» acting as a self-serving, whereas in Western culture they are used to prepare snacks or decorating food.
  5. Attention to the soups. Eating soups in large quantities, Chinese women maintain a healthy digestive tract, which determines the rate of metabolic functions of the body. Herbal ingredients, seafood, hot spices increase fat burning effect of entrees.
  6. Steaming. Favorite Eastern beauties pic on the water is the perfect way to get rid of extra pounds, laid the basis for many well-known diets.
  7. Green tea. The Chinese believe in the ability of a beverage to clear the body of any toxins because of its high content of antioxidants. In addition, a Cup of green tea between meals helps to eliminate craving for other harmful types of soft drinks – carbonated beverages, energy drinks.

Chinese culture of cooking and eating is largely different from the Western mentality. Steam cooking, sharing food in a family atmosphere, using fruit, vegetables as main courses help to saturate the body with vitamins, trace elements, contributing to weight loss. Due to these factors, Chinese women have a slim figure and preference of food, do not think about its calorie content.



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