Top 5 foods for weight loss are harmful to health

Choosing diet foods, we involuntarily give in to the hype, the traditions, forgetting that not all «healthy» food, their ingredients will help you successfully lose weight. I think that choosing a salad at the diner is delicious, but harmful hamburger or fried potatoes, you switched to diet? Nothing of the kind: weight additives in the form of sauces, grilled meat, high-calorie cheeses or other «unhealthy» ingredients will defeat attempts of weight loss.

Top 5 «useful» products for weight loss that are harmful to health:

  1. Juice purchase. Thermal treatment of synthesized additives, preservatives and sugar make this product in the storehouse of chemicals and calories. Imagine a Cup of water, which dissolved 4 tablespoons of sugar, a package of dye and… a teaspoon of Apple juice. Give preference to seasonal fruits, berries and vegetables from which we prepare smoothies, juices and compotes.
  2. Energy bars for snacking. Low in fiber, plenty of fast-absorbable carbohydrates, causing an increase in blood sugar, an abundance of TRANS fats make «useful» bite more dangerous than a piece of meat, or eaten half of the chocolate.
  3. Sports nutrition/supplements. Adding to the diet food with high protein, you stimulate muscle growth by starting the process of obtaining energy by splitting the reserves of carbohydrates and bad fats in the body. Reception of sports nutrition «after» to protein diets can cause ketosis, destroying the liver and kidneys. The daily requirement for protein food – 100-150 g is easily met by eating meat, eggs, nuts, seafood.
  4. Breakfast cereals – porridge, muesli. Passed numerous stages of processing, grain in finished mixes for the diet contain no more than 20% of the nutrients and vitamins. Cook full breakfasts, using raw cereals — oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, wheat. The dish is sweetened with a spoon of honey, and adding half an Apple or a handful of raspberries, you get a perfect Breakfast for weight loss, which will leave a lasting feeling of satiety.
  5. Low calorie milk drinks. Low in calories, 0% fat is an attractive performance, pleasing women sitting on a diet. However, simple natural yogurt, cottage cheese or cheese have a lot of advantages: high content of calcium and probiotics. Dietary relatives, touted as «the ideal food for weight loss» dangerous: the presence of starch up to 10% dry weight, artificial sweeteners and stabilizers. Cooked at home milk yogurt, kefir or fermented baked milk would be much healthier to purchase products.

Guided by the rule: «you are what You eat» – look for natural diet products which have undergone minimal processing. Cook their own meals, avoid snacking, and don’t rely on «miracle» supplements, get rid of the extra pounds without effort on your part.



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