5 reasons strength training for weight loss

Exercise is the best way to achieve mental, physical health and the attainment of ideal forms. Strength training until recently women were seen as the way to get huge, ripped muscles and become beefy, brawny woman. Focusing on cardio exercise, Jogging, yoga, women forget about the importance of the fortress of the skeleton and the muscular frame of the body. Why training with weights and what is their advantage?

5 arguments in favor of strength training for those wishing to lose weight:

  1. Endurance and strength. The constant load weight, barbell and dumbbells will help increase physical strength. You stop puffing «as the train», carrying the heavy packages of food or raising the child in his arms. Accustomed to work with additional weight, you will easier to carry a fitness burden.
  2. Strengthening the bone tissue of the skeleton. Strength exercises improve bone density, increase joint mobility. As a result of fluctuations in hormonal levels, changing lifestyle with age in women is bone loss. To avoid the consequences of minor injuries, serious fractures will help with weight exercises that strengthen the skeleton.
  3. The growth of muscle mass. Having many advantages, cardio, yoga, Pilates, stretching contribute little to muscle growth. Often ladies that look attractive in the clothes, can not boast of beautiful forms on the beach or by the pool. The low percentage of muscle mass causes the accumulation of fat deposits in your upper arms, back, belly, and buttocks. Fearing huge biceps, triceps, women tend to avoid to build muscle through strength exercises. Want to have a beautiful, toned body? Work with its own weight at home, doing daily exercises, go to the gym, where the instructor will select an individual program of trainings.
  4. Good posture. Many ladies look tired or depressed side due to bad posture. Bent the girl looks older than his age. Hunched, plump young ladies visually «grow» in size. Strength training contribute to the strengthening of the muscular frame and the back bone tissue of the spine, has a beneficial effect on gaining the ideal posture.
  5. Loss of body fat. Power load in addition to the «direct» effect of weight – loss calories – triggers in the body the function of «burning it off». Doing fitness or dancing, you lose the excess weight while exercising. Exercises with additional weights prolong the process of splitting of the lipid layer for up to 72 hours, which effectively affects weight loss.

The optimal combination of aerobic and weight training will help attain a slim figure, toned body, strong bones and muscular frame. The lack of opportunity to attend sports club you can compensate with body weight, gaining more and more popularity among women who want to lose weight.



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