Hemorrhagic stroke of the brain: symptoms, treatment and prognosis

Cerebrovascular accident – diagnosis, which is worldwide in the top three in mortality. There are two types of strokes: ischemic and hemorrhagic. In the first case, the circulation is disturbed by the fact that the vessel blocked by a blood clot. Stops the food are destroyed tissue. In hemorrhagic stroke of the brain, a sudden rupture of the vessel, resulting in hemorrhage. This type of disease is much more rare than ischemic. In any case, only emergency assistance not only saves the patient from death, but also disability.

Causes of hemorrhagic stroke

The hemorrhage in most cases is due to hypertension. At high pressure the blood vessels become thinner. Occurs damaging the walls, increasing the permeability. Hypertensive crisis when the vessel bursts, blood is poured into the space between the skull and brain, and sometimes inside it. As a result of a hematoma. Among the causes of stroke brain note:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • vascular disease of the brain;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • disease
  • avitaminosis;
  • stress;
  • injury.

Symptoms and common signs of the disease

Vascular disease – stroke – develops instantly. After hemorrhage into the brain substance the blood flow. Hematoma pressure, damages the tissue, causing inflammation and swelling of extensive. Hemorrhage in the right hemisphere of the brain is the paralysis of the left side of the body, and Vice versa. Onset determine and on such symptoms:

  • redness of the face;
  • arrhythmia;
  • a flashing red spots;
  • dilated pupils;
  • violation of of heart rhythms;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • fainting;
  • nausea, vomiting.

The signs of a stroke of the brain develop very quickly. If assistance is not provided, the occurrence of death or disability are possible during the day. The symptoms vary with lesion:

  • appear blindness, deafness;
  • is broken speech;
  • violated swallowing function;
  • is disturbance of consciousness;
  • disease neurology;
  • memory loss, the sense of smell.

First aid for stroke

Please note that of a loved one the first signs of stroke brain – crooked smile, inability to speak, inability to raise only one hand, the complexity of showing language. Need an ambulance emergency assistance. If the victim is very quickly taken to the hospital, you will reduce the effects. Before the ambulance put the patient to the head was higher: it is better to turn it on its side. Should not be given food and drink. Do not allow the patient to move, provide fresh air. It is necessary to remove a compression garment to relieve the pressure.


How is diagnosis

Begins diagnosis of brain stroke from the patient survey: what’s his pressure that complains. In addition:

  1. Neurological diagnosis determine the loss of sensitivity. Diagnose a decrease in muscle tone, impairment of consciousness.
  2. Computed tomography identifies the location and volume of hemorrhage. With this research find the source of bleeding, the level of compression of the brain tissue.
  3. When magnetic resonance imaging exploring a small hematoma.
  4. Echoencephalography to detect the displacement of the brain relative to the skull with hemorrhage.

Methods of treatment

Conservative treatment of paralysis of the brain involves the use of pills and injections. Dosage and cycle duration of reception determines the physician, guided by the patient’s condition. Drugs solve a lot of problems. The main control over blood pressure and stop the bleeding. In some cases, the recommended surgical intervention.

Drug therapy

Treatment options:

  • For the prevention of brain edema, decreasing intracranial pressure: intravenous «Lasix» to 20 mg.
  • To combat hypoxia twice a day: «Lipoxen».
  • Pills «Trental» improve microcirculation.
  • Psychomotor agitation takes the drug «Seduksen».
  • Eliminate the clotting of blood intravenous injections «Gordox».
  • Prevent hemorrhage dropper «Aminocaproic acid».
  • Good reviews about the injections «Dibazol» dosage of 2-4 ml. They reduce high blood pressure.
  • For recovery of cerebral metabolism with injections of «Cerebrolysin».


Operations when stroke brain gives better results compared to conservative medical treatment. This is because surgery removes the hematoma. This eliminates the pressure on the brain, improves blood flow, relieves swelling. What matters is how fully removed the blood. It is important not to damage the surrounding tissue. After surgery, fast recovery, which saves the patient’s life.

If the hematoma is close to the surface of the brain, doing an open surgery. The minimum probability of occurrence of additional injuries. Through a small hole in the skull the probe, remove the clots. Surgery is performed in conjunction with computer tomography. The surgeon watches on a screen where there is currently a tool and hematoma. When such operations can remove even very small particles of blood clots.

The rehabilitation period

Rehabilitation after hemorrhagic stroke of the brain – the process is complicated, time-consuming. At this point, the support and patience of loved ones. It is important that the patient desire to live. It requires daily effort and overcoming of difficulties and pain. Restoration should begin at the earliest stages of the disease. It is recommended that a comprehensive impact: medicine, physiotherapy, physiotherapy. It is necessary to measure the load so as not to bring the patient pain and discomfort. You should not miss a single day of practice.

The period of recovery after stroke the brain can be from 6 months to a year. Rehabilitation solves several important problems:

  • The restoration of the self. The movement, an independent meal, a simple job.
  • The return to professional activity. If there are contraindications – training, change of profession.
  • The preservation of the social activity.
  • Prevention of recurrence of stroke.

In order to lead the patient into a form that is required of the impact of different types:

  • Medication. Prescribed by a doctor for stabilizing blood pressure and restoring all functions of the brain.
  • Psychological. Classes with specialists for psycho-emotional rehabilitation.
  • Non-pharmacological. Avoiding alcohol, Smoking, nutrition, weight loss.
  • Massage. Recovery spasm or conversely, relaxed muscles.

In this situation it is important to conduct rehabilitation activities of the whole organism:

  • Restoration of motion functions. The change of position of the body in bedridden patients. To teach to sit, to stand, to walk. Physiotherapy.
  • The reconstruction of the processes of chewing, swallowing.
  • Bringing order to the intestine.
  • Recovery of speech.
  • The resumption of a small motility of hands. Learn to close the lock, fasten buttons, to turn on the light.

Of great importance for the recovery of the patient after a stroke brain have breathing exercises, speech therapy. Good results are given physiotherapy: electrophoresis, treatment with a magnetic field. To restore the motion functions used electroneurostimulation – the effect of electricity on acupuncture points. This is indispensable for massage in water, exercises in the pool. Relax and calm baths: pearl, coniferous, oxygen.

The predictions and consequences of hemorrhagic stroke

Acute violation of cerebral circulation does not always have favorable prognoses for cure. Especially when treatment in the clinic was untimely. Two out of three patients become disabled. Fatal outcome of cerebral stroke ends at 10% of the victims. Does patients a chance to restore health? It depends on several factors:

  • the timeliness of contacting the clinic;
  • the correct treatment;
  • the desire of the patient to recover;
  • the help of relatives, family.

What are the consequences of hemorrhage in the brain? The most important of these is paralysis of the parts of the body. As a result – loss of memory, vision, hearing. Disturbed speech, up to a total loss. Patient ceases to think logically, developing coma and death. It is possible that the condition improves, and then re-bleeding. When the patient was taken to the hospital on time, correctly determined the cause of a hemorrhagic stroke, likely favorable prognosis. Especially if after the hospital continue rehabilitation.

Methods of prevention

One of the causes of strokes is high blood pressure. It required daily monitoring. If necessary adjust pressure drugs. Important and control of the sugar levels because its increase is also among the causes of stroke. In addition, you must:

  • good nutrition;
  • avoiding alcohol;
  • light physical activity;
  • walk outside;
  • the Smoking cessation.

Video: what is a hemorrhagic stroke of the brain

Watch the video to see using the layout looks like a brain hemorrhage. You will learn why a stroke occurs of the brain, what you need to do to prevent its occurrence. Check how related the situation of the affected hemisphere and the side of the body where there are violations. You will understand why surgical treatment helps in stroke, what devices allow to conduct rehabilitation of the patient in the clinic.


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