Cream for hemorrhoids: best treatment for disease

The decrease in physical activity, childbirth, heavy lifting, constipation – all this leads to inflammation of the rectum. This disease does not tolerate indifference: ignoring the symptoms of an easy form becomes chronic. There are many methods of treatment from simple household methods prior to surgical intervention. The of hemorrhoid cream acts as an analgesic and wound-healing agent. This product is recommended to use at home to alleviate the condition. After studying the information, you will choose a cream that is suitable for solving your problem.

Composition and mechanism of action of drugs

The emergence of innovative, effective methods of hemorrhoid treatment caused dramatic changes in proctology. If earlier the doctor proctologist every second patient was discharged in the direction of the operation, now 8 out of 10 patients may be cured without the help of a surgeon. Choosing a cream from hemorrhoids, you should consider the spectrum of action, application features.

Means that focus can be combined, which includes several functions. There are creams specific direction, operating as intended, but all external remedies for hemorrhoids have this basic composition:

  1. Lanolin is a natural wax extracted from sheep skins, cleared later. This substance acts as an emulsifier.
  2. Beeswax, propolis – natural components that are present in many drugstore ointments, suppositories, creams.
  3. Shark oil is included with creams and candles from hemorrhoids. It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent that anesthetizes the mucous membrane of the rectum, the anal exit. Has the composition of fatty acids, vitamins.
  4. Seaweed extract – has healing effect, it regenerates the cells of the inflamed mucosa.
  5. Vegetable oils: sea buckthorn, olive, almond. These components have a healing effect.
  6. Essential oils: cypress, lavender, tea tree. Such components have a disinfecting, antimicrobial effect. Essential oils can eliminate itching.

What cream is inexpensive but effective

Buying a cream, be sure to opt for an expensive product. Many people mistakenly think that cheap can’t be good, and the more expensive the cream, the more effective the action. The main thing when choosing funds – characteristics that are spelled out in the instructions. Cream for hemorrhoids drug contain these components:


  1. The painkilling element is contained in each tool from inflammation of the rectum.
  2. A hormonal component is included in all preparations. This medicine is indicated for chronic hemorrhoids, contraindicated for children and pregnant women.
  3. Component contributing to the narrowing of blood vessels, is included with all creams. This is one of the main requirements for the cure of hemorrhoids.

For adults

Age-related changes that occur with age, negatively affect the condition of the digestive system, mucous membranes. Contribute to the emergence of various diseases, often of hemorrhoids:

  • unreasoned diet;
  • low or no physical activity;
  • addictions and cravings;
  • low-quality water;
  • toxic emissions polluted the air

Proctologists recommend to overcome their embarrassment and seek professional help. To relieve an acute attack of hemorrhoids or to numb the itching and pain, doctors do not exclude the use of special creams from hemorrhoids at home. Without medical supplies for adults will suit a cream with analgesic and wound healing effect.

For children

The digestive system of small children is not perfect. The whole process of development takes about five years. Kids often suffer from stomach cramps, constipation. All this can lead to hemorrhoids. Noticing the child has the first symptoms: presence of blood in the stool, pain during bowel movements, protrusion of the anus out in vain attempts, you need to immediately take action. Inflammation of the rectum in children are easily treated at home with creams from hemorrhoids.

On the shelves of pharmacies you’ll find tools designed for a child: children apply creams that do not have age limits. When prescribing treatment, the doctor should prescribe the required dosage appropriate to the age, weight of the baby. Choose creams with natural ingredients, such as

  • «Sea buckthorn ointment»;
  • «Relief»;
  • «Vishnevsky ointment».

For pregnant and breastfeeding

The woman’s body in the period of carrying a child is subject to more tests and overload. Especially affected are the lumbar, pelvic. The weight of the child inevitably puts pressure on the intestines, attempts during childbirth also do not go unnoticed. Hence the large risk of occurrence of diseases of the rectum. With the responsibility to approach the treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women. It is strictly forbidden to use hormonal cream. The doctors recommend to buy ointment for hemorrhoids in pregnancy with natural ingredients, without chemical corrosive substances.

Review the best creams and ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures

Modern pharmacology offers a wide choice of means to combat the symptoms of hemorrhoids, eliminate this disease. In such a variety of drugs many are lost and do not know how to treat hemorrhoids. Consider the list of the most popular and effective ointments and creams:

  • Heparin ointment hemorrhoids contains an anesthetic substance benzocaine, which acts on hemorrhoids, relieving inflammation, heals cracks in the mucosa.
  • «Vishnevsky ointment» is applied from fissures and hemorrhoids. The product contains active ingredients such as birch tar and castor oil. Substances inflammation anesthetized mucosa.
  • «Fleming’s ointment» contains calendula, menthol, zinc oxide. Copes with the pain, eliminates itching, helps to get rid of hemorrhoids.
  • «Posterize» and «Protosun» recommended for use from cracks in anal canal. Quickly heals the affected area.

  • Caffeine hemorrhoids prescribed for the treatment of the acute form when the mucosa is blood. This drug quickly turns the blood, has beneficial effects on the capillaries, sealing their walls.
  • «Relief» is the best remedy for hemorrhoids in pregnancy, in lactation period. The product contains natural plant oils, vitamins, shark oil.
  • «Bezornil» is an effective ointment that will quickly stop the bleeding, released during rectal fissures. Relieves itching and pain.
  • «Aurobin» and «Proktosedil» – protivogemorroidalny and antimicrobial drugs. Due to the natural composition allowed to cure hemorrhoids in pregnant women.
  • «Gepatrombin g» is used for severe itching and burning sensation in the anal passage.
  • «Ichthyol» reduces inflammation, deadens the pain. This drug has long-lasting results, allowed during lactation.

Feedback on the results of the application of

Tatiana, 62 years: After heavy lifting I developed hemorrhoids. Long did not pay attention to him, thought will, but every day the pain grew more intense, there was bruising and swelling around the anus. Went to the doctor who recommended a smear delicate places methyluracyl gel. After a week of treatments, the pain disappeared, the discomfort passed.

Olga, 32 years: After a difficult and prolonged labour on the second day appeared the hemorrhoids. In the hospital advised to put a bag of heated salt, to warm up the sore spots. Then it was a relief, but not for long. Since I breastfed, the doctor will prescribe natural Ichthyol cream. Happy with the result: pain and itch are gone, there is no inflammation.

Nicholas, 43 years: I in the treatment of hemorrhoids helped cheap Chinese gel. I learned about it from a friend who cured an inflammation of the rectum for a few days. I his disease for a long time refused to heal, because I didn’t want to go to the proctologist. When I learned about the cream, immediately bought it and began self treatment. This week got rid of the bleeding of knots and cracks, now I’m completely healthy!


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