Chinese diet for weight loss menu on 21, 14 and 7 days

A disease of civilization today, it is often referred to as obesity. Nutritionists draw attention to the fact that Asia is «the curse of modernity» bypassed, Chinese, overweight is a rare sight. The reason for that is a centuries-old eating habits of Asians, the Chinese diet. Basic Chinese food – seafood, fresh vegetables, rice, food in moderation is observed. Asian diets there are several, in some Chinese – only name, but also the ideology, the products are also quite European. To lose weight, you need to reconsider your diet.

Menu Chinese weight loss diet

In the Foundation of Asian diets, pledged moderation and low calorie dishes. The result of the transition to a new diet can be seen quickly, diet helps to lose weight, but it is not easy to sustain the habit. We must change the attitude to food in General, understand that:

  • Chinese calories not believe, do not take food as a source of weight;
  • vegetables for Asians is not a side dish and a separate dish;
  • the Chinese believe that it is impossible to eat without rice, it contains little fat and lots of fiber, nutrients;
  • Asian menu always have a watery porridge, Zhou, liquid soups help to control appetite;
  • green tea neutralizes toxins, helps digestion, inhibits the feeling of hunger.

Chinese weight loss involves the use of conventional products, but the salt-free diet, seem very fresh. Menu should be without sugar, alcohol and potatoes. Limit your intake of milk, fat and flour. Possible diets in Chinese: strict two-three months, 5 days, 13 days, two or three weeks. Some types of diets are called in some sources the Chinese, others Japanese, as 13-day, or diet for one week.

For 14 days

Two-week diet system allows you to fold up to 8 extra pounds. The body during this time is reconstructed on other rhythm of metabolism, and this effect is. Stick to the following menu:


  • 1 day. For Breakfast a Cup of black coffee (natural), lunch two hard boiled eggs, fresh cabbage chopped, with olive oil, a glass of tomato juice (made by yourself). Dine with fish (boiled or fried) and the second portion of coleslaw.
  • Day 2. Morning meal is coffee with toast. Dine on fish, boil it or Ogarev, all the same coleslaw. On the evening boil 200 grams of beef, drink a glass of yogurt.
  • Day 3. Breakfast – black coffee again, the lunch menu: one egg, 3 carrots boil and season with vegetable oil. In the evening eat fresh apples.
  • Day 4. Again coffee in the morning, lunch at this time will be unusual big root of parsley or parsnip fried in oil, plus fresh apples. But dinner will please: two hard-boiled eggs, 100 grams of beef, cabbage salad.
  • Day 5. The morning allow yourself diversity by preparing raw grated carrots, drizzled with lemon juice. Lunch will be half a kilo fish (fried, boiled) and tomato juice. For dinner – again the fish and cabbage salad.
  • Day 6. Breakfast – coffee lunch – half boiled chicken, salad of carrots or cabbage. Dinner will be two hard-boiled eggs and carrot salad.
  • Day 7. In the morning drink green tea, eat boiled beef (200 gr.), fruit. Dinner can be repeated any previous day, except the third.
  • This is similar to the previous week.

7 days

In a week this diet really lose weight by 6-7 kg. it is Important to remember: next week should be the release of the first, you need to give up sugar and sweets, it contains, plus dinner and during the diet. Otherwise, the lost pounds back. Here’s the weekly menu:

  • 1 day. Coffee for Breakfast, for lunch – two hard-boiled eggs, carrot or cabbage salad with oil, a glass of tomato juice. Dine on fish, a bit of coleslaw.
  • Day 2. Breakfast will be coffee and biscuit, lunch – again, fish and coleslaw. In the evening, boil 200 grams of beef, take a Cup of yogurt (low-fat).
  • Day 3. «Breakfast» coffee, have lunch egg salad with three carrots and butter. Dinner – apples.
  • Day 4. Breakfast – coffee with rye toast, lunch – grilled zucchini or parsnip root, Apple. For dinner boil 200 grams of beef, plus two hard boiled eggs and cabbage salad.
  • Day 5. Morning refuel using grated carrot, seasoned with lemon juice, dine on fish and tomato juice for dinner – again the fish and cabbage salad.
  • Day 6. Coffee for Breakfast, half boiled chicken plus carrot and cabbage salad for lunch, 2 hard boiled eggs with grated carrot for dinner.
  • Day 7. In the morning drink green tea, dine boiled beef, fruit, dinner something out of the diet of previous days.

For 21 days

In this diet your menu for each week. The diet is extremely strict, and output from such a position should be smooth. Here is a sample diet for weeks:

  • First. Enjoy Breakfast, lunch and dinner with one egg and one orange. Drink throughout the day green tea, no sugar to add.
  • Second. Allowed to eat any cereals except semolina and barley. It soaked all night and in the morning boiled without seasonings and spices. To drink only tea.
  • Third. Any fruits and vegetables (raw, boiled), vegetable stew, stewed in vegetable oil with salt. Drink green tea, juices, fruit drinks.

Information about Chinese weight loss technique

Known way to lose weight is a Chinese rice diet. Rice is a powerful absorbent that collects waste, exempting them from the body. To eat rice without salt, I wanted to Express them 14 days, it will expel excess water and fat. To enhance the properties of rice, it is soaked in water for a week:

  • First day – 2 tablespoons of cereal poured into a container, washed seven times, pour water to cover the grain you leave at night.
  • The second day, rinse the rice, cover with fresh water. To prepare a second portion similar to yesterday, in the second capacity.
  • The third day, rinse the first and second portion, to prepare the third. And so on up to 7 days.
  • The eighth day – a pic from the first tank to wash out, boil 5 minutes. In the empty vessel to fill with a new batch of grains. Cooked rice to eat, not drinking, not eating. 4 hours nothing more to drink, even water. Half an hour earlier Breakfast, drink a glass of mineral or simple water. Lunch and dinner without any restrictions, but with a minimum of salt.

Video about rice for weight loss

For the rice diet need to buy brown rice, brown is better, besides it is suitable wild or black. To stock up on the required amount of rice costs immediately, the entire course, so as not to tempt yourself with unnecessary shopping during the diet. About how to lose weight with the help of pic, and what grits are perfect for this purpose, tell the professional nutritionist in the below video.

Feedback on the results

Olga, 35 years: Tried 21-day diet, she weighed 93 kg, now my weight is 81 kg. I Think to sit on such a diet once again, I want to weigh 75 lbs. to Withstand the diet was difficult, but if you do not eat immediately after the pies, the result holds.

Svetlana, 31 years: the Fifth day sitting on a two-week diet, almost two pounds dropped. There is no malaise, weakness and hunger is not felt, but it was more tired. I do fitness and after exercise feel more exhausted.

Ilona, 25 years: Effective diet, but it taste good! Cabbage salad can’t see, although one month has passed. But she left seven pounds in 14 days. After this post it was hard to hold back, not everything, but it was a pity the effort. More this diet don’t want to repeat, looking for something different.


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