Egg diet of Osama Hamdy: rules and menu for 4 weeks

Diet is the ideal way to lose excess weight, lower blood sugar levels. Protein diet with limitation of fats, carbohydrates triggers the process of ketosis. Egg diet of Osama Hamdi – four-week regimen of food, with emphasis on proteins. To read recommendations, and papers of the Professor’s official English site. How to lose 28-30 pounds in a month?

Features and rules of dieting

How to lose weight? Calculated egg diet for a month, it calls for strict observance of the basic requirements for the use of the body:

  1. Changing the set of products, order reception is equal to the disruption.
  2. If you do not specify the amount (volume), the product can be used without restrictions.
  3. For snacking suitable carrot, cucumber, lettuce.
  4. Egg diet if the allergies it is possible to replace cottage cheese.
  5. Dishes are prepared without fats and oils: steam, water or the grill.

Sample menus and recipes for 4 weeks

Salads based on fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, boiled vegetables, grilled meat, fish and eggs are the basic ingredients chemical diet Osama of Hamdi. During weight loss permitted flavoring meals with salt, spices. For the digestion of fats you should drink fluids up to 2.5 liters per day. Egg diet for a week is characterized by a set of products and the sequence of their reception.

The first week

Cheerfulness will help citrus and egg Breakfast from Professor Osama hamdy of which consists of grapefruit/orange juice and two eggs, cooked hard-boiled. Daily lunch menu (1 for Monday, etc.) includes:


  1. Fruit (one kind) without restrictions, but without fanaticism.
  2. The chicken is steamed or grilled.
  3. A few slices of bread, cheese, tomatoes.
  4. Again a mono-fruit diet.
  5. Vegetable dinner combines perfectly with two boiled eggs.
  6. Eat fruits that are allowed within the diet of Osama Hamdy.
  7. Cook chicken with vegetables by adding a menu of fresh tomatoes.

Evening meal the first week super-egg diet of Osama Hamdy includes:

  1. Lean versions of the meat on the grill.
  2. Salad, 2 eggs, fresh orange juice.
  3. Presents protein dinner lean meat.
  4. Baked/grilled meat.
  5. The taste of seafood is underlined lettuce and grapefruit.
  6. Repeat menu the previous day, excluding citrus.
  7. Boiled vegetables.

The second week

From the eighth day of the week will be held under the motto «hard eggs». Breakfast remains similar to the previous days of the power system. Egg diet Professor Osama hamdy of the second week assumes the following menu:

  1. For lunch and dinner eat 2 eggs, adding a day to the diet of salad and in the evening replace the leaves of grapefruit.
  2. Dining meal includes boiled meat with salad. The dinner menu repeats the previous day.
  3. Day eat grilled/baked meat with fresh cucumbers, continuing to eat in the evening according to the usual pattern.
  4. Lunch egg diet consists of eggs (2 PCs.), cheese, vegetables. … For dinner eat 2 boiled eggs.
  5. Prepare seafood during the day, have dinner cooked hard-boiled a couple of eggs.
  6. Dine meat with fresh tomatoes, and for dessert – a grapefruit. Fruit salad will delight you in the evening.
  7. The fourteenth day consists of boiled chicken, tomatoes, oranges.

The third week

The second half of the diet includes mono-meals of the day:

  1. Fruit Monday.
  2. Vegetables day.
  3. Combine the vegetables and fruits.
  4. Fish in a variety of variations.
  5. Meat (protein) a day.
  6. Fruit (any kind, but only one) on Saturday and Sunday.

Fourth week

Different the variety of products. Egg menu of Osama Hamdy limited the daily amount of each meat, vegetables and fruits, and the distribution in portions of Breakfast, dinner, lunch, which depends on the wish of losing weight:

  1. Menu Monday:
    • meat – 4 steak/chicken quartered;
    • tuna – 1 jar;
    • slice of bread (bread);
    • fresh vegetables – cucumber 4 PCs., tomatoes – 3 PCs.;
    • citrus – 1 EA.
  2. On Tuesday:
    • meat (grilled/dry pan) – not more than 0.5 kg;
    • the cucumber and tomato 4 and 2 PCs.;
    • a small loaf;
    • any fruit of your choice.
  3. The third day egg diet:
    • low-fat cheese – 1 piece;
    • steamed vegetables – 200 g in finished form;
    • tomato with cucumber – 2 PCs. each;
    • bread;
    • orange or grapefruit – 1 PC.
  4. Menu Thursday:
    • half of chicken carcass;
    • cucumber and tomato, 2 fruit;
    • grapefruit;
    • a slice of bread.
  5. Friday – discharge day:
    • two eggs;
    • tomatoes – 3 PCs.;
    • citrus.
  6. On the penultimate day it should be:
    • chicken fillet (breast) boiled – 2 PCs.;
    • cheese – 125 g;
    • citrus – 1 PC.;
    • a piece of bread.
  7. Sunday diet:
    • tuna (canned) – 1 PC.;
    • steamed vegetables – 200 g;
    • cheese (soft cheese) – 1 tbsp;
    • bread;
    • grapefruit/orange.

Diet when you quit the diet

Passed all the points? Completing the diet from Osama Hamdy and going on a regular diet, try to stick to the restriction of carbohydrates, consuming a maximum of no more than 250 grams of bread and cereals per day. Your pics before and after weight loss on the fridge will be a great incentive, and meals in the absence of «egg menu» make Breakfast and lunch. Physical activity should become a regular, give sleep at least 8 hours.

Reviews about the weight-loss results

Julia, 22 years: My weight exceeded 110 kg. of Mono-dieting, fasting increased the appetite. Doctors discovered heart problems – tachycardia, high BP, shortness of breath unpleasant «pleased», and the indicators of sugar were close to diabetic. To lose the excess pounds (they had more than 40) helped Osama diet of Hamdi. Weight remains stable more than 10 months!

Arina, 25 years: I Believe that egg diet offers a balanced, wholesome diet. Sweet, liquor was never in love so easily with them «tied». Lacked the usual cereals, potatoes. In 28 days, lost 18 kg, the weight stable! My mother diet from Osama Hamdy does not fit – she has pancreatitis. By cons can be attributed to mandatory handwritten cooking.


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