How to count calories meals right to lose weight quickly on a diet

Finding himself overweight, people immediately start to reduce your diet, lowering the intake of carbohydrates and fats to a minimum, and the portions to children’s sizes. Few people think that such actions will give only temporary results, and the consequences can lead to gastritis or ulcer. First you need to understand how to count calories, then you can make the power menu without the risk of getting diseases of the stomach or intestines. The basis of this method is the diet for calories.

How to calculate calorie meals

Calorie – the energy received by an organism as a result of the full assimilation and processing of food. Measured in kJ or kcal (kilocalorie). Specified energy value of the product on the packaging is not always correct. The ability to calculate calorie dishes will allow you to effectively lose weight without using severe limitations in food. This system was invented in the twenties of the last century and was based on consumption of only the necessary quantity of food.

Every person has a specific need for a certain amount of energy per day, so all low-calorie the program will be individual. It will reduce the weight gradually, not heavily restricting your diet, and consolidate the results in the long term. This principle is used doctor Bormenthal to make their famous diet. To calculate how much calories to lose weight, it is possible in several ways.

In the calorie counter

One of the easiest ways of calculating the energy value of your food – chlorinator products. This is an online application that allows you to quickly find out how many calories found in food. The program contains a calorie foods and ready meals, you can only select one, if desired, the calorie calculator program you can download. Use this «rhyme» to read as follows:

  • select the desired group of products;
  • write the number in g;
  • click «Calculate»

The interface of calorie calculator may be different, but he always works the same way. You can check the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (PFC) in a single product or several at once. For example, 150 g of buckwheat contains protein – 6.5 g, fats – 3,7 g, carbohydrates – 37,5 energy value is 198 kcal. Add up all the data on products and meals from your daily diet and obtain a General result on the day.


Using kitchen scales calories

The second popular method of calculating PFC – kitchen scale with counting calories. They programmed guide products and calorie, the front panel interface for control and data entry. You just put the required products at scale, and they immediately show PFC energy value of this portion. The amount of data and convenience of the interface depends on the model of the goods. You can use regular kitchen scales, but then you need a table calorie foods. You find yourself necessary ingredient in the list, count its PFC by weight.

How to calculate calories for weight loss

The expense of calories needed for different purposes: someone does it for the compilation of diets to maintain weight (athletes), others to reduce weight and adjusting the figures. Each of these options you should know your exact flow rate, kcal consumption per day. This will simplify the calculation of the necessary quantity of meals you need to eat for effective weight loss. It is clear that the amount of calories per day for men, women differs depending on their physical activity, lifestyle. There are several ways to calculate your quota for the day.

Calculate calories online

Use an online service that everyone will consider for you. Fill in the form with your data: gender, height, weight, physical activity, press the «Calculate» button. The program can use your choice of two different calculation equations: Mifflin-San Geor, Harris-Benedict. The second is considered to be outdated, it is recommended to use the first. The program will show the optimal number of calories to maintain, a gradual loss, fast weight loss, create calendars, which days will sign, how much will you lose grams.

The formula for calculating daily calorie intake

If you do not trust online services, can all be calculated by using the formula for calculating the required number of calories. To do this, we will apply the already mentioned formula of Harris-Benedict, Mifflin-San Geora. They provide the data without regard to physical activity and only calculate the basal metabolic rate. Depending on the floor use different equations for calculating the magnitude of basal metabolism (SBI):

  1. Harris-Benedict SBI for women: 655,1 + 9,6 * weight + 1,85 * growth to 4.68 * age.
  2. Harris-Benedict SBI for men: 66,47 + 13,75 * body weight + 5,0 * on the growth – 6,74 * age.
  3. Mifflin-San Giora SBI women of 9.99 * weight + 6.25 * height – 4,92 * age – 161.
  4. Mifflin-San Giora SBI for of men: of 9.99 * weight + 6.25 * height – 4,92 * age + 5.

After counting the main change you need to take into account physical activity. This is necessary in order to accurately calculate the amount of calories per day to maintain weight or lose weight. This is derived from the formula above, multiply the result by the coefficient of physical activity, which is selected according to your lifestyle from the table below:

  • no exercise or sedentary work = 1.2;
  • easy activity, simple exercises several times per week = 1.375;
  • physically active job and workout 3-5 times a week = 1.4625;
  • 3-5 intense workouts a week = 1.550;
  • daily workout = 1.6375;
  • daily intense exercise = 1.725;
  • intense workout 2 times a day, active physical labor = 1.9.

The calculation of calorie consumption

To properly make a diet and to calculate the energy consumption per day, you need to fix your power consumption. Besides the online calculators, you can use modern devices which simplify the calculation of calorie loss. For example, have already released watches with LED display, which can calculate the calories spent during the day. Popular among athletes and athletes was the bracelet, counting calories, its just wear on the hand and a small screen on it is sending data.

Video: how to count calories to lose weight

Anyone who has followed his body and wants to protect it, should know how many calories to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. This will save you from unnecessary strict diets, restrictions in food, the development on the background of diseases of the stomach. In drawing up the diet take into account the many factors: age, gender, lifestyle, training intensity, the desired result. To avoid mistakes, watch the video below about how to count calories.

Reviews about diet with counting calories

Anya, 18 years of age: after Reading your article, immediately found the analyzer calorie foods. This magic program helped me a lot when preparing the menu of the diet. Follow this calculation for 2 months and have lost about 5 kg without serious limitations in his favorite food.

Elena, 28 years: really to count calories was recently. Had to re-examine your diet and figure out how many calories you need per day to lose weight after childbirth, you could not lose weight. But found a wonderful soup recipe to your diet. Lose weight slowly but steadily for the past month.

Nicolas, 35 years: Any serious athlete should consider their calories for the day and stick to a proper diet. Without a bracelet and a calculator would be hard. They simplify this point. I, for example, I wear the bracelet constantly.


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