Neuropsychic development of the baby

Baby exactly a month! Describe his psychological development.

Нервно - психическое развитие новорожденного.

The baby is quite confidently holds his head in vertical position, to hold a look at different items that may briefly follow moving smoothly before his eyes the subject. He clearly reacts to sound — shudders, sometimes turns her head. Really likes to look at the face above him adult.

The majority of children to her first «birthday» make a perfect gift to parents — adorable smile. However, your baby is a big Sleepyhead, sleeping for 18-20 hours a day. All your desires and demands at this age the child can Express only cry, over time, the Creek becomes quite clear intonational expressiveness depending on the needs of the baby.

Have a healthy baby cry loud, his strength and length depend on how quickly you eliminate the cause of concern. A little scream, even cry is useful: the child takes a deep breaths and ventilates so well even the remotest parts of the lungs. Only a short time, the cause of the scream still need to be addressed. If this fails, then it is possible that the baby was ill.

The child became less constrained, the movements of his arms and legs free, which means that began to disappear physiological increased muscle tone. Besides, your kid grew up and got better.

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