How to raise a successful and happy child

We all want our child to grow up in a truly happy man. We present what will be our baby when he was born. We would like to instill in him a love of music, sport or art. The important thing is not to forget that any child is a separate personality. Whoever was your child, is the parents ‘ duty to educate him so that he could become happy and successful in life, he realized his abilities and talents.

Как вырастить счастливого ребенка

Most importantly – love

You should never scold a child. When you scold him, then give him to understand that he is bad. The child must feel your love. If the child childhood is associated with loving and caring parents, his self-esteem will not be underestimated. The person with low self-esteem difficult to be happy. Don’t judge your baby, listen to him talk about what he is loved and important to you.

Give your child a choice

Try to give your child a choice when possible. Ask the child what he wants for dinner, muffin or toast. Offer him a choice of two or three options. This will give the child the opportunity to feel important and to develop an opinion.

Communicate with your child

Even with the youngest child communicate and discuss with him his feelings or thoughts in different situations. Tell him that showing emotions is nothing wrong with it and he will feel your support.

Development from birth

Since birth it is necessary to develop a child in accordance with age. Be sure to sing, dance, paint with it. Watch him, what attracts him more and what less. Encourage him to be curious and inquisitive.


You are an adult and intelligent, and, of course, many cases you are better and faster. But that is no reason to take the little man a chance to become independent. Let him do some things not so perfect or not so quickly, but it’s his path. Let them makes mistakes and then learns from them, don’t disturb him. You can direct him only without criticism, and then the child will trust you and with your help will become an independent person.

Teach responsibility

By example show your child that you do not give empty promises. But if you promised something, always perform the promise. Never bully and do not scold a small child for mistakes. Help him get out of a difficult situation. Explain to him that he is responsible for his actions. Remember that every child comes into this world with pure consciousness. Therefore, all that you give to your child, imprinted on his soul.

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