Safe baby sleep: 10 important tips.

Can I leave a sleeping baby home alone? In the baby crib should be a pillow? And the toys? In what position should a child be to safely sleep? What else should be remembered? The answers to these questions in this article.

Как обезопасить сон младенца

To be around

Thus there is a possibility to quickly react if the child woke up at night. In the first few months of life the baby is better to sleep in the same room with parents.

Ventilate the bedroom

Fresh air to breathe easier. The temperature in the bedroom a baby should not be too high (about 20 degrees).

Remove the pillow

Pillows, fluffy blankets and large toys are threat — if the child you hit them in the face, it is possible breathing problems. For baby enough the presence of a moderately hard mattress and light blankets.

To monitor the safety of

Next to the crib should not be any cord, cable or other things of this kind. Straps on clothing or on the crib should be very short, so the baby couldn’t even rewind them on the wrist.

To remove small items

You should regularly check the crib on the lack of different small items. After all, the baby might accidentally swallow.

Put your baby on his back or side

The baby should sleep on his back or side. On his tummy he can sleep only under the supervision of parents.

Be careful

Although 2-3 month old baby cannot move himself, but you never know when it will make its first ascent. So never leave the baby out of the cot one.

Do not let animals in the bedroom

The child may be allergic to wool. In addition, it can be dangerous. Even the calmest dog may be interested in the baby’s arm was protruding between the bars.

No Smoking in the house

Passive Smoking destroys the respiratory system and can lead to serious breathing problems. Therefore, never smoke in the house and forbid others to do so. Smoking in another room is also not an option — the smoke spreads throughout the house.

To think, to sleep with a child

Next to their parents, baby feels safe and sleeps better. Easier to feed him at night, allowing you more sleep. However, you should follow some important rules. Do not take baby into bed if: you sleep very soundly; you are sleeping uneasily, tossing from side to side; smoke cigarettes; you have taken alcohol; you are taking strong medication.

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