«Louboutins» or «lobotamy»?

Difficulty with pronunciation of foreign brands have always been the Russians, despite the love of all that is foreign. Perhaps the reason for this are poor knowledge of foreign languages or low-quality translations of famous films. Such defects suffer sometimes even the experts, who have long worked in the fashion world.

«Лабутены» или «лубутаны»?

Today, even far from the world of high fashion people at the hearing «louboutins». The cause is the video of the band «Leningrad», where the refrain is repeated that word. And the song broke all records for number of views. Unhealthy love of Russians to the foreign brands has always taken place since the Soviet period, when there was an acute shortage of high-quality clothing. Jennifer Lopez also has a dedication to the famous shoes – «Loubotins».

We must pay tribute to the film «Sex and the city», because thanks to him, Russian ladies learned a number of global brands. Including the famous French shoes designer shoes Christian Louboutin. Yes, Yes, «Louboutin». The French characteristic of the pronunciation of «lose» at the end of words the letter «h». But even that isn’t as fundamentally important as the distortion of the Russians vowels in the surname of the famous designer.

Lubuchany is today the type of shoes that dreams of not only every girl, but man, preferring the comfort and quality. Brand shoes from Christian Louboutin «LC» widely known outside France. I must say that the brand patented the sign for women’s and men’s series, is the red sole. It carries only one meaning – recognition.

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