How Golden retrievers help children with autism?

Golden retrievers – loyal friends, Pets many dog breeders and sensitive psychotherapists. These animals have a positive effect on the condition of people with various types of disabilities, including autism. The psychotherapist Boris Levinson in the middle of the last century created a special method of treatment – canistherapy (therapy with the aid of dogs).

Как золотистые ретриверы помогают детям с аутизмом?

People with autism have difficulties in communication, children with autism sometimes can’t find a way even parents. Golden Retriever helps his young owner to be sociable and to solve problems with socialization. In some countries, charities, and public institutions raise and train Golden retrievers specifically for people with psychological and emotional problems. The main goal is to raise an animal with high intelligence and great character.

Experts note that communication with the dogs develops mental and emotional skills, promotes recovery of motor function, spatial orientation and improves motility, eliminates anxiety, fears, aggression, tension and mistrust. Dogs are autistic from an internal enclosed space, the animal is the main motivator to go to the outside world.

There are many examples where at first the children did not react to the animal, then I started to show interest in him and learned to communicate not only with the four-legged friend, but also people. After a few months of communication with the Golden Retriever the person with autism become more social, trying to overcome the difficulties in socialization.

Contraindications canistherapy

Unfortunately, not all Golden retrievers fit to help autistic children. To find four-legged friend for your child, parents need to consider that the animal must be tolerant, calm and well trained. Also you can’t get a dog if children have phobias towards animals, exacerbation of chronic, allergic to dog hair, infection, and respiratory disease.

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