How not to despair in the crisis

Crisis – a test for each. Every day a person is faced with its manifestations in the store, at a gas station and at home. The media stir up the situation, at work there’s a threat of dismissal, in the family of many unresolved problems. But to stand at this turning point, you need to protect yourself from negativity and rethink your life.

Как не впасть в отчаяние в кризис


1. Spare yourself from the flow of unwanted information. Arrange a fasting days away from news on TV. Typically, psychologists establish 21 a day of rest from the flow of information. Even if you need to be aware of the latest events, browse the news headlines on the Internet, but don’t read the details. The hunger for information it is better to satisfy the reading books, entertainment magazines and listening to music.

2. Shield yourself from negativity. Don’t let other people get you involved in conversations about crisis, war and disasters. Get away from discussions of such topics otshuchivayas. Better yet to protect yourself from meetings with such «sufferers». Do not take on anyone’s negativity, don’t let anyone «to vampirate». Unstable economic situation is a great reason to rid yourself of unwanted surroundings.

3. Allow yourself the little joys every day. Some may be ice cream, and someone shoes. But the point is that you deserve the promotion. Do not swear yourself that you can’t change the situation. But you can manage your life. Separate your life and the lives of his family from society as a whole. Try to live autonomously, not by tying yourself to the world problems.

4. If in a crisis you had to change jobs to lower-paid, take this only as a milestone of life. Work is not everything in life. Constantly view the vacancy, learn remotely, and participate in trainings. Review proposals for remote work. Don’t be afraid to lose regalia. If you offer to work for a lesser job, but better pay, agree. Career no one has canceled.

5. Clean up in the house. Get rid of unnecessary things. By the way, it is possible to sell, to exchange, to distribute to relatives, receiving in return a jar of homemade jam. Now in General the cohesion of family ties. Have a big friendly family more likely to experience instability with minimal losses. Crisis can bring change in gender roles where the woman becomes the breadwinner and the man takes on household chores. But you have to understand that this is a temporary phenomenon, and we shouldn’t get lost.

6. Continue to live an active life. If used every month you flew on a weekend in Europe, it is now possible to explore the surrounding area of your city. Search for available entertainment. For example, on the third Sunday of each month the entrance to some museums is free. Someone helps religion. It’s easier to abstractly look at their problems, ask for advice from the Confessor, to reorient their values.

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