Interesting facts about the men’s dignity

The penis was erected in the cult in Judaism and Tantrism. He was worshiped in antiquity and is still for many men it is an indicator of strength and power.

Интересные факты о мужском достоинстве

Normal penis length — 15 centimeters. There are examples of much smaller and much more — up to 30 cm According to the doctors any the phallus (even three-quarter-inch) is a normal working tool, able to impregnate a woman. And women, unfortunately, no one asked.

The biggest penis in living well and Briton ion Falcon. The length of its fortress — 34.5 cm.

Estimated sexologists, for pleasure women in bed enough members, shall we say, rather mediocre. 13 cm — that’s how he measured the doctors to pleasure the ladies.

A penis seems as if looking at him from the side. And the proof is the men’s bathroom. Member of the neighbor at the urinal always seems to be a great than their own. Now you know that it is not just an optical illusion.

How to measure the circumference of the penis? Very simple — wrap the thread around it and then measure it with a ruler.

After circumcision (in the U.S., for example, it makes more than half of newborns) the head of the penis becomes less sensitive. Circumcised guys are much more hardy in sex for this reason. They can survive a very long marathon.

The potbellied lucky — they will easily increase your penis by 2-5 centimeters expense of their own body fat. These operations are done in many clinics of plastic surgery.

Male orgasm lasts on average only 6 seconds. Female — 26 seconds.

Only one winner from chetyrehsot can get a Blowjob yourself.

A member of the king of Tongo lesil virginity about 38,000 women. The king was the multimachine operator and entered into the world of big sex 5-7 girls a day.

The largest penis in the world — the blue whale. Its length is about four meters. And the smallest — the mosquito is only 0.25 mm.

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