How to cure bad habits

Bad habits there are so many. Harmless from picking his nose to deadly alcoholism. And no matter how harmful the well-established habit, to get rid of it Oh how difficult. Unfortunately, many preferences come from childhood or even due to the genetic level. If time does not relieve those weaknesses, they will haunt the person for life.

Как быстро отучить от вредных привычек

How to protect your child from alcohol

Scientists still debate whether alcoholism is a hereditary basis, or it is acquired habit. Unfortunately, very few families with parents drinking can produce in light of a morally healthy, sensible children. Even if a gene for alcoholism does not exist, the atmosphere of constant libations have the most depressing effect. The kid comes to the conclusion that being drunk is normal. And begins to look for similar among the entourage. So knocked together a company where children of 10-12 years with might and main drink alcohol. Of course, to raise such a child full-fledged member of society is very difficult. Especially if parents are busy with their problems and not pay attention to him.

But it happens that children are quite affluent parents adjust to such companies. Then the chance to help the child. While the little man gets into alcohol abuse, you need to offer a decent alternative. For example, write in the section of judo, karate, Wushu. Martial arts require high concentration and do not allow violations of the regime. It is also necessary to protect the teenager from the influence of bad company. If you want to move to another region. Child’s future is now much more important than a prestigious job and an apartment in the city center. You need to act immediately, as soon as you notice the first signs of fascination with alcohol. Adult to rid this addiction is much more difficult, almost impossible.

How to protect your child from drug abuse and gambling

Drastic measures should be applied, if you notice the first signs of the child’s Hobbies gambling, found the syringe, a strange powder or a bag of grass, I noticed that he smokes cigarettes. Immediately consult a child psychologist and an expert psychiatrist. Follow all the instructions of the doctors. If necessary send the child to the clinic. Remember, the earlier diagnosed with dependence, the more likely it will be treated. The problem is most often psychological, and proceed from the family and school. Most likely, the teenager does not receive enough attention. So be prepared to change yourself, make your child feel loved and protected.

Unsightly bad habit

If a bad habit has no negative effects on health, but simply looks unsightly, it is also necessary to wean. If the child picks his nose or biting his nails, again, has its psychological basis. This way the baby calms down and restores inner balance. Very often it happens on an instinctive level, the child simply does not notice that he was busy in this hard-hitting affair. Try to keep an eye on him. Once you see that the hands reach-to-face — suggest another occupation. Very suitable, for example, crochet or weaving beaded bracelets. This soothing activities that involve the fingers of the child. And then the problem will be solved. The brain relaxes and hands busy. Will be replacing bad habits quite useful and interesting exercise.

The most important thing is to find the origin of bad habits. If the person is an adult, struggle with addiction can only be a specialist. So the sooner were the first symptoms noticed and action is taken, the more likely that habit will be eradicated forever.

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