Sex after party — safety

Fun parties often end in tears. Casual relationships without contraception bring disease, and sometimes an unwanted pregnancy. That bitter experience has become a constant companion, do not forget about safety while they are having fun and «drunken» activities.

Секс после вечеринок - техника безопасности

If you don’t want after the party many months to be treated at the venereologist, think about safety in advance. After a chance encounter can result in not only an unpleasant disease, but also to unplanned pregnancies, but this is much more serious.

Going to a party, don’t forget to take contraception. It is best if it will be condoms. And keep them always at hand, in your bag or pocket. After a certain amount of alcohol consumed and the fear disappears I want to surrender to unbridled passion. But if the sex is not with a trusted partner about using protection should not be forgotten.

If you don’t plan sex, but I know that after a couple of glasses of champagne you can draw on adventure, ask a friend to monitor you. After a certain quantity of liquor not to depart from their company. Communicate only with them. Better yet, if someone the most responsible and non-drinking will stay. Unobtrusive and eliminated all the contenders for unplanned sex.

Ask a friend to escort you home. Then chances to twist an affair with a taxi driver you just will not. And you get to warm beds in safe and sound.

Even sex with someone you love that took place after copious libations, may result in failure. Not only venereologists, but the doctor and the poison control in the new year holidays work with renewed energy. Alcohol loosens up the partners, they are drawn to the experiments. They choose positions that lead to sprains and dislocations. And sometimes you just fall out of bed, earning serious injuries. Therefore, it would be desirable to follow your passion, it is better to postpone celebration sex until morning. Moreover, sober man reaches much faster orgasm and experiencing the thrill of more than pretty drunk.

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