Caring for a young person

Most girls have not heard from mothers and grandmothers, the phrase «You’re young yet, you don’t have anything to use». Certainly, in this period of youth the skin is smooth, elastic, has beautiful color, but in addition with blackheads, pimples, oily sheen. Skin undergoes changes in one direction or the other due to the unstable hormonal levels.

Уход за молодым лицом

Care for young skin

• The first paragraph should certainly stand a proper diet, without it in any way. Immediately clear, how well nourished the person is reflected on the state of his hair, nails and skin.

• The desire to go with a chocolate tan, which is formed due to tanning or burning sun, can play a cruel joke, because it leads to premature formation of wrinkles. Of course, about another 5-6 years, don’t think because of the young age. But is it worth the risk?

• Do not go out without applied cream that protects against UV rays and prevents contamination of the pores with dust.

• In order to maintain the beauty you have always must have the following tools: moisturizer, toner, scrub.

• To prevent pimples, make the appropriate masks. Thanks to the Internet this can be done at home, even if there are no signs, it is still worth to prevent.

• When buying different creams need to pay special attention to the target age group. After all, why take an anti-aging cream in 20 years?

• Clinching point will be the facial expressions, because it is with youth creates the lines that appear after.

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