How to choose lotion for face

A huge variety of cosmetics for face prepared the fashion industry. Among them masks, toners, lotions, scrubs, creams, and, of course, lotion. Depending on the skin type, you should choose a particular lotion that suits you on all parameters. Various cosmetic brands offer a range of care products for skin.

Как выбрать лосьон для лица

How to determine skin type

First you need to figure out your skin type. About the middle of the day, not washing your face, apply a thin white sheet or towel to the middle of the forehead. If there a spot left sebum — your skin is oily. If the stain is not very clearly stood out, you most likely have combination skin type. If the spot is not at all — your skin dry.

What to look for when choosing a lotion for the face

Now you know your skin type. You can go to the store for lotion. For oily skin, the perfect remedy containing zinc. It dries the skin and helps fight against imperfections and acne breakouts. In lotions for oily skin add the substances, tightens pores, eliminates Shine and gives the skin a matte look. They are perfectly clear skin in the morning, before applying makeup and evening makeup when you want to wash off.

If you have combination skin, you had better to use a milder lotions. Select the means that retains moisture and normalizes the PH level of the skin. Over time, the oily areas will stop producing excess sebum, and facial appearance will improve. You’d better to alternate the cosmetics in the morning using the lotion for oily skin, and in the evening, on the contrary, moisturizing. Then your skin becomes excessively dry and get rid of the Shine.

For dry skin you should buy a nourishing, moisturizer. Choose a lotion that contains glycerin, chamomile, and vitamin oils that will give your skin radiance and Shine. Use a lotion in the morning before applying makeup. The fact that these cosmetics almost always contain alcohol, and it can further dry your face. Night better put on a skin a fat cream that will saturate the cells with water and nutrients.

Why read the lotion?

When choosing a lotion for the face, carefully read the ingredients. Please note that the more the product of natural substances, the more beneficial effect it will have on the skin. Besides chemical elements in the composition can cause allergies and irritation. Pay attention to the price. A good tool can’t cost too cheap. The ratio price — quality — here the main rule when choosing cosmetics.

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