How to make the leader extension that appears to Indezine content (InDesign)

Regarding the layout of content in Indezine often need to put a leader of either manually entering the dots between the section titles and page numbers — it’s a long story, or to do automatically, so you can edit the text boundaries.

Как сделать отточие для содержания в ИнДизайне (InDesign)


1. Option 1. If the leader were made by hand, and you must make sure that they were put down automatically. To do this, first select the text and change the point to gaps: edit —>Find/Replace—>a point on a space, and then replace 3 spaces at 2, and after the number of replacements is reduced to 0, replace 2 spaces for Tab (denoted as ^t -the sign ^ is typed as a 6 on the English layout).

2. Now select the text and go to Text menu—>Tabs. In the window of the leader extension that appears put a point, select the arrow indicating the position of the right text margin and will move to adjust the line leader to the right arrow◄, meaning the box to the right, aligning with her.

3. As a result, the table of contents will look like. You can adjust the boundaries of the text, moving arrows, and also sometimes it doesn’t hurt to Clean everything, if the text boundaries were originally different for each paragraph.

4. Option 2. Select the text, go to top menu Text or paragraph Styles flyout menu paragraph Styles —>Edit paragraph —>go to the tab Tabs —> and just put the point in the section of the line Leader and to move the boundaries of the text using the arrows on the right.

5. Option 3 (the easiest). Highlight the text—>Go to Text menu-Tabs—>put a point in the section of the line Leader and move the border of the text. Remove the selection—>Put the cursor between the text and the page number—>Click Tab and voila — there is the leader extension that appears!

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