Balsamine: sowing the seeds for seedlings

Impatiens belong to the flowers is unpretentious in cultivation. But the seeds of this colourful culture require a «respectful» treatment.

Бальзамины: посев семян на рассаду

Planting seeds and caring for seedlings

For sowing seeds it is necessary to buy ready-made soil or prepare it themselves. It needs to be loose, absorbent and have a neutral reaction (pH 6.2 to 6.5…). When oxidation of the soil, the seedlings will «lay down».

Before sowing seeds, the soil should be disinfected. You can apply a solution of potassium permanganate, fitosporin, Maxim. Small shoots of Impatiens are very sensitive to fungal infections (black leg).Seeds are laid on the surface sredneoblastnoj soil mixture and sprinkled, just press to a surface. Top crops cover glass (film), so that the seeds do not dry. They quickly germinate, a week later, if the room temperature is about 22…24оС. At a lower temperature 18…20 ° C, seedlings appear in a few weeks.

After emergence of seedlings, the temperature in the room should not be below 18oC. Otherwise, if the soil will be excessive moisture (overflow), the seedlings by the roots, yellowing of the cotyledon leaves. You cannot pour the «kids» in the second half of the day. Watering better to organize the morning so the soil has time to dry by nightfall. Impatiens do not forgive and drying of the soil.

Illumination is one of necessary conditions in obtaining strong seedlings, especially the first 2…3 weeks. When shading the seedlings is stretching and grow long internodes.

Balzaminov seedlings begin to feed at occurrence 2…3 this leaf. Fertilizer is better to use nitrogen-potash (potassium nitrate), nitrogen-calcium (calcium nitrate) at low concentration. In the early stages of infancy phosphorus fertilizer can not be applied.

Care of seedlings

Compact seedlings — the Golden mean in the rules of growing Balzaminov. Namely, the maintenance of moderate soil moisture, temperature content without sharp fluctuations. Watering only after drying of the top layer of the earth. You cannot be careless about watering and to prevent complete drying of the soil. This leads to yellowing and wilting of seedlings. Such seedlings may not recover.

If the grown hybrids are designed for shady places, it is undesirable to put the seedlings in bright sun.

Transplant seedlings grown in pots to carry through 5…6 weeks.With the growth of seedlings needs more dressing. Soluble fertilizer with a full set of power bred in small doses and fertilize Impatiens. Planted seedlings in the garden when the threat passes the of the freezing spring cold snaps and frost.

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