Causes of toothache

One of the most discomfort – toothache because teeth play an important role in human life and injuries to the teeth are moved often very painful. Moreover, the pain may be sharp, dull, periodic, pulsating. What are the reasons for «torturing sensations»?

Зубная боль

The main reasons

Each tooth has a neurovascular bundle (nerve), which permeates the entire fabric of his firm. Damage to this nerve and lead to unpleasant sensations, but pain may also cause an inflammation of the bone holding the tooth and gums.

At the moment there is a relatively large number of dental diseases. For example, the decay, which occurs as a result of defeat of hard tissues of tooth enamel damage. The emergence of this disease suggests that the unscrupulous man relates to oral health, but tooth decay is the destruction of the tooth.

Other common «ailments», is the pulpit, with this disease a person experiences acute pain, the cause of which is exposure of microorganisms to the pulp. To appear this disease may result in trauma to the tooth. Pain during pulpitis may subside, but it does not mean that the disease has passed, so you should see a specialist. Also most known diseases are periodontitis, pericoronitis, periostitis.

Anyway, the source of all such diseases is improper care of teeth and only rarely causes pain is eating because there are foods that act on the enamel strong, and the destruction of the very strong tissue necessarily leads to a destruction of the whole tooth.

As soon as discomfort, you should immediately see a specialist, because the pain of one tooth may spread to adjacent, then life seems not sweet. Do not forget about periodic examination of the teeth, because it is better at this stage to identify the disease without any unpleasant sensations, than to suffer later.

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