Breastfeeding. Spoils the shape of the breast?

Breastfeeding can ruin the shape of the Breasts, but will help to protect yourself from breast cancer.

Грудное вскармливание

Almost all mothers who are planning for a long time to feed their kids, care about this issue. Do not worry. Experts say that even prolonged lactation does not affect the shape of the breast. Feed your little one. Breastfeeding benefits both you and the child.

With age, the shape of the female breast change. Gravity is the main factor influencing it. As well as a sharp loss or weight gain. During pregnancy the Breasts may increase by one or two sizes, and after birth it seems that her shape has changed. It has nothing to do with feeding. Such changes occur and those mothers who don’t feed.

If lactation does not occur any abrupt changes, so the shape of the breast to mess up. To feed the baby mother’s milk should be as long as possible. The main thing is to position on your breast. You cannot pull the breast to the baby and to take it away after feeding. This will adversely affect the shape of the breast. Affects the shape of the breast sudden cessation of feeding, especially before six months of age.

Competent and prolonged breastfeeding reduces risk of breast cancer. Keep in mind this factor when you decide on the duration of feeding.

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