Patio ideas for summer

Patio – cozy patio near the house or in the garden to relax with family and friends or intimacy. The first patio was created in antiquity, and the name itself is borrowed from the Spanish language. Previously, these areas were decorated with waterfalls, a pond, fountains, expensive carpets, and even cages with birds. But now a cosy patio, you can create with your own hands and without great financial cost.

Идеи патио для дачи

Owners of cottages often build patio around the rear wall of the house, on the balcony, with BBQ or outdoor stove. These are especially popular recreation areas in countries with a warm climate, but in our climate you can create a cozy corner in the country.

Patio for romantics

If you need a place for lovers and privacy, it is better to do a patio in the romantic style. It is important to choose furniture, lighting and not to forget about music.

Патио для романтиков

Patio with BBQ

This is a great option for lovers of picnics and al fresco dining. You can also barbecue, grill or build an oven to cook food on the street. But when planning such a patio must be remembered that it requires a large area.

Патио с барбекю

Patio for friends

If the recreation area will meet a lot of people, it is not necessary to save on space and furniture. Ideal – a large sofa in the center of which is the table. For a cozy good cheer it is better to install a fireplace and choose a place in the bottom of the garden. Calculating the area of patio, be aware that for a comfortable stay for one person shall be more than 3.5 sq. m.

Патио для большой компании

A few tips on registration

  • If you decide to make a patio in front of the house, do not forget to install decorative lattice with vines – they will hide your activities from prying eyes.
  • Choosing the design of a comfortable area, you need to focus on the dimensions of the patio. For example, if the area, you can plant shrubs, to break flower beds and flower beds. If the area is small, it is better to plant climbing plants (clematis, fiery beans or morning glory) and to hang planters.
  • Do not overload patio furniture and accessories — will not be a home-like atmosphere. To design ideal rattan furniture, benches, and metal or wooden table.
  • Decking patio areas is not necessary to select a lawn, as he treads quickly and loses its appeal. Better to give preference to natural stone or wood.
  • The territory can be supplemented by outdoor pieces, large pots, a fountain and pool. From the sun and rain protect canopy, umbrella or awning.

If you decide to create in the garden patio, then you need to solve several problems: what is it to be built (for privacy, family vacations or large companies), choose a location on the lot, the size and shape of recreation areas, materials for paving, furnishings, decor items and accessories.

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