Resentment psychology

Обида – психология

It is believed that can forgive only the strong and worthy people. In psychology stated that letting go of resentment a person feels relief, and it is useful for your own psychological state. First learn the process of forgiveness will be difficult, but in the future it will become a good habit.

Tips in psychology how to forgive the offense

Often people are so heavily focused on offense that his life becomes gray paint. Such a burden does not allow a normal and happy live. That is why in psychology there are entire sections devoted to offense and forgiveness. Among all the existing information it is possible to allocate some tips:


  • Need in a relaxed atmosphere to think about the situation and to understand for themselves what life will be like if you continue to be offended. The rancor is destructive, and it will affect different spheres of life.
  • Look at the situation from the outside and answer a number of questions, such as «what caused the offense?», «That was unpleasant in the words and actions of another person?» etc. it Is necessary to understand what kind of strings he could pull the abuser, after all it’s weaknesses. Similar analysis is recommended in writing.
  • Start with words of forgiveness, which is to say in the first place. Repeatedly repeating the words, e.g., «I let go of a grudge» after a short period of time to feel real relief. In psychology it is considered the worst insult to a mother who will not allow man to build a happy family. It is important to understand that this man gave life and to forgive him at least for the sake of it.
  • Understanding how to deal with resentment, it is worth mentioning such well-known method in psychology – think of such negative situations in life as a lesson that life presents. Take some lessons and gain wisdom that will allow in the futureОбида – психология to avoid all problems.
  • Fight the hurt, through the use of humor. It is the ability to laugh at yourself will allow you to cope with all the negativity that had accumulated in my soul. This behavior will teach easier to relate to life and not loaded on trifles.
  • In psychology, to overcome resentment, even give this advice – understand that people often offend others unconsciously and, perhaps, your situation is exactly one of those. This situation stems from the fact that everyone is different and everyone perceives said or done differently. To dot and to understand the situation, it is better to bring the offender for a Frank conversation and to understand his intentions and to Express their opinion.


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