The rosehip syrup – useful properties and contraindications

Сироп шиповника – полезные свойства и противопоказания

Rosehip is also known as a great antiviral agent which can be consumed as syrup. This product is like its original aroma and sweetish taste with pleasant acidity. Properties of rosehip syrup is huge, and all due to the presence of numerous beneficial nutrients. There is even a composition that is used for weight loss and this tool is called «Holosas».

Useful properties and contraindications of syrup of wild rose

Today the pharmacy offers a wide range of this product, but if you want to start the process of losing weight, then leave the choice on the option called «Holosas». The syrup of rose hips contains only two ingredients: wild rose extract and sugar. It can be used in various recipes that have healing effect.

How useful rosehip syrup:


  • Is this medicine for clearing the liver, and due to it’s diuretic action. In addition, it increases the production of bile.
  • Promotes «Holosas» cleanse the intestine from harmful substances, including degradation products for weight loss. Thanks to this activity the person feels ease, as improves the function of the digestive system. The benefits of rosehip syrup is also due to the fact that it accelerates metabolism, including adipose. It is the purifying effect leads to losing weight, but it will only be in the early stages. To break down fats this product.
  • Not to mention the useful properties of «Holosasa» to strengthen the immune system, and this is due to the huge amount of ascorbic acid.


It is important to know about contraindications of rosehip syrup, as it is important to protect yourself from side effects. In particular this applies to people who have individual intolerance to the product. It is forbidden to use it in cholelithiasis, as it may worsen the disease. Because it consists of sugar, it is prohibited to use diabetics. You shouldn’t use it for pregnant and lactating women. Best of all, before using this remedy is recommended to consult a doctor.

Recipes for weight loss with «Holocam»

To strengthen and diversify the useful properties of rosehip syrup, add the other ingredients. The most popular formulations with hay and dried fruits. Just wanted to say that in most cases the recipes have a laxative or diuretic, fat burning to say no. Therefore, the mixture with «Holocam» is recommended as an adjunct to proper nutrition and regular physical activity.

Consider a few of the recipes:


  • In individual containers brew in 200 g of plums and white raisins in 1 liter of boiling water. Leave to infuse for an hour, and at the end time all strain. Mix the two prepared broth and add 300 ml of syrup, and then, all mix well. The finished drink should be consumed for a couple of hours before bedtime to 0.5 V.


Сироп шиповника – полезные свойства и противопоказания


  • You can prepare a snack that you want 200 g dried apricots, pour 160 ml of syrup and leave for some time to the dried fruits are soft. After that, grind these ingredients with the help of grinder and then add 100 g rice flour. Stir and hands shape into small balls, taking 10 g of the finished mass. They should have two pieces for dinner for a couple of weeks
  • Pepper drink. Mix 1.5 l of iodized mineral water with 50 ml of syrup, the juice of one lemon and add pinch of cinnamon and Cayenne pepper. All mix well and use the drink for the fasting days. You need to drink every 3 hours 1 tbsp.


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