What tea into pharmacies better for weight loss?

Какой чай в аптеках лучше для похудения?

Today pharmacies in a wide range of different teas, among which one can find options designed for weight loss. Most of them are various plants with diuretic and laxative effects. To choose the most effective slimming tea in the pharmacy, it is important to understand the composition and mode of action. Among the assortment you can select a few popular options.

What tea for weight loss in pharmacies better?


  • Tea «Turboslim cleansing». Sold in bags, which facilitates the process of cooking. The composition includes the following ingredients: Senna, Garcinia, peppermint, green tea, cherry stalk and corn silk. These substances have a diuretic, choleretic and laxative effect. With regard to Garcinia, this component can claim the status of a «fat burner», but the manufacturer does not indicate in what quantity the substance, there are in a drink. And clinical studies have not confirmed this action.
  • Tea «Flying swallow extra». The pharmacy this herbal slimming tea the manufacturer also offers the consumer in the form of individual sachets. If you look at the composition, there you can find Senna, a loofah, pahima-coconut, cranberry leaves and tangerine peel. This drink has a strong laxative effect, so be ready to have to sit on the toilet. This creates a temporary feeling of weight loss through bowel movements.
  • Tea «Pohudin». Tea bags are the ingredients: Senna, inulin, green tea, corn silk, bearberry, ascorbic acid and vitamin B6. Another laxative drink that has a fat burning effect. Such action also has tea and «lose weight».
  • Herbal Tea «Altai No. 3». The pharmacy diuretic this slimming tea can be found without problems, but whether it has fat burning effect, you need to know. This drink also can not occupy a leading position, because this product contains all the same ingredients: Senna, chicken silk, mint, thoroughwax, coriander, plantain and rosehip. Thanks slabitelnogo tea action will help to clean the intestines, and the diuretic effect will help to remove excess fluid from the body.
  • Ginger tea «Evalar». Many people believe that ginger is an effective fat burner, but it is not so. Ginger tea for weight loss in pharmacies from «Alawar» will not help get rid of excess weight and it is recommended to drink in the period of colds, so not worth the risk.
  • Tea «Evalar bio». These tea bags are corn silk, Garcinia, horsetail and birch leaves and currants. This drink has a laxative effect, but the manufacturer is positioning it as a tool to reduce appetite. It is considered that this task can be Garcinia, but studies have shown that it is not.
  • Tea «Monastery». I would like to highlight more and this drink is whose advertisement promises miraculous results. You can buy it at the drugstore, but to discuss all that’s worth. The manufacturer States in Какой чай в аптеках лучше для похудения?the composition of these ingredients: fennel fruit, chamomile, lime flowers, peppermint, black elderberry flowers, Senna and dandelion. As you can see no unique substances that would encourage the burning of fat in the composition, no, so, and advertising is a fraud. By the way, all the components declared in the composition of the monastery of tea for weight loss can be found in pharmacies, and they are reasonably priced. Experts do not recommend the risk of using this drink as some components can harm your health.


From the foregoing it can be concluded that at pharmacies effective slimming tea is probably impossible, since in most cases they have diuretic and laxative effect.

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