Creatine for weight gain – harm and benefit

Гейнеры для набора массы – вред и польза

To achieve the training of good results, many people use a weight gainer, which combines two very important points. First, they have a special sugar, that is carbohydrates that give you energy needed for your workout. Secondly, the composition of creatine, used at the time of resistance training, includes proteins is a primary building material, due to which there is muscle growth. Today is a fairly wide range of this product, so to obtain good results, it is necessary to make the right choice.

The benefits and harms of the gainer to put on weight

Speaking about the composition of this product, it is worth noting that there are different quality supplements, we are also interested in options but good quality. The composition of these gainers are protein and complex sugars that do not have a sweet taste and quickly digested in the body. In addition, they contain different vitamins, and natural flavoring. The damage can be obtained only by purchasing dubious weight gainers, which are composed of various supplements that negatively reflects on the state of health in General. It is worth noting that in order to get the same amount of nutrients as in the portions of this sports Supplement, having to eat huge quantities of food.

The benefits of taking gainer for muscle gain:


  • Given the presence of vitamins, can be a complex separately. These nutrients are important for the body and primarily in active sports.
  • After a workout, do not feel tired, because the energy balance is restored at a high speed.
  • Quality weight gainers can accelerate the process of increasing muscle volume.
  • This Supplement helps your muscle mass recover quickly, which means that the pain after exercise will be felt not so much.


Set mass with gainer can lead to the emergence of some side effects. Very rarely an upset stomach, but this may be due to idiosyncrasy or due to the use of low-quality gainers. If the additive was a broken package, the inside can get bacteria that lead to poisoning. Weight gainers are high in calories, and if a person uses them, but not strenuously engaged in the sport, it can lead to the accumulation of body fat. Such supplements are prohibited in the presence of kidney disease.

How to choose a weight gainer to put on weight?

To get just the benefits of consuming such supplements, you need to choose really high-quality product.
When choosing supplements, consider these points:


  • Note the number contains protein, so it must be at least 30%. Otherwise, you will not gain muscle mass and fat.
  • Choose a high-quality product, whose composition will find or whey protein, or protein complex. If you have seen the list of soy Гейнеры для набора массы – вред и пользаprotein, from such a gainer should be abandoned.
  • Check the amount of sugar. Note that simple carbohydrates lead to obesity, so give preference to options, which you will see carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.


Experts say that when choosing a gainer. also it is worth considering the training season. For example, in the fall prefer more high-calorie product, but with the winter start to move in options with less carbohydrates. In the spring it is necessary to use an integrated protein and by the summer it will be possible to see in the mirror is beautiful and relief body.

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