Weight loss diet after 45 years

Диеты для похудения после 45 лет

According to statistics the majority of women after 45 years old start to gain weight and is a consequence of many factors. Experts say that adult women don’t need to chase the model parameters and it is better to focus on a healthy diet, which will help get closer to a desired weight. A diet to lose weight after 45 is a set of certain rules, which will not only help get rid of extra pounds, but also support health.

Diet for women over 45 slimming

Women should reject various types of fasting, as this could have a negative impact on health. Nutritionists continue to argue that the right decision at any age – proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Rules of weight loss after 45 years:


  • The main enemies of a slim figure at any age – a variety of sweets and pastries. White bread replace with whole grain, eliminating various biscuits and cakes. Many of the most difficult to give up sweets, but there are a few tricks, for example, instead of sugar use a small amount of honey or dried fruit. Eat the sweet fruit, and also allowed a small number of oatmeal cookie and marshmallow.
  • After 45 years it is necessary to include in a diet for weight loss recipes contain foods that are high in calcium and iron. The thing is that with age decreases the amount of bone tissue and bones become brittle. To avoid problems, prepare a variety of dishes based on dairy products, giving preference to low-calorie options. Women during menopause also lose a lot of iron, the normal level which can be restored by eating green beans, liver and apples.
  • As for the figure, and the slimming is useful to arrange fasting day, for example, once a week. Pick the option that will not cause discomfort. The most popular unloading on yogurt.
  • On ordinary days give preference to fractional diet: 3 main meals and 2 snack. This scheme will allow to avoid feelings of hunger and desire to eat something harmful.
  • For health and beautiful figure is important and physical activity. Given the already considerable age, do not spend hours in the gym, because this can’t hurt. The best combination for losing weight after 45 years it is worth to search for yourself in yoga, Aqua aerobics, body-Flex.
  • Doctors recommend courses be sure to eat vitamin and mineral complexes, but also don’t forget that the nutrients found in large quantities in fresh fruits and vegetables that must be present in the daily menu.
  • Maintaining water balance in the body, it is not only important for weight loss, but also for maintaining normal skin condition, which in lack of fluids gets dry and wrinkled. While losing weight after 45 years, to improve metabolism, you should drink pure non-carbonated water. Daily rate is 1.5-2 liters.


Диеты для похудения после 45 лет

I would also like to talk about what you can eat in the morning, afternoon and evening. For Breakfast it is better to choose foods that have complex carbohydrates and protein. For example, it can be portion of oatmeal and toast with butter or scrambled eggs with vegetables. For a snack will do the fruit, but you can also indulge in marmalade because you need glucose. The lunch and dinner menus are largely similar, for example, this portion of lean fish or meat with vegetable salad. In lunch to these you can add a soup or side dish. If the evening feel very hungry, then drink a glass of yogurt.

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