How to learn to ski?

Как научиться кататься на лыжах?

Many people wait until winter to go to the mountains and to ride for fun. Every year the number of people willing to conquer the peaks increases, but it is worth noting that this sport is quite dangerous, so it is important to know how to learn to ski. The easiest way to learn skating is to consult a professional instructor, but keep in mind that for his services will have to pay. If it was decided to study on your own, then it is important to understand the rules and nuances of driving in the snow.

You need to choose the right equipment and to buy clothes which will protect from frost, but will not hamper your movements. Another important detail of the glasses with special glasses that will block the reflection of the sun. Knowing that they will soon go on a ski holiday, it is recommended to pull his physical form, because the skiing is challenging.

How to learn to ski?

Let’s start with the basic postures of a skier: bend your legs at the knees so that the ankle rested on the shoes. You need to slightly lean forward. If a person had never stood on skis, then he should learn to walk, to fall and get up. For lifting the slide, it is recommended to use the technique of «tree», when the socks are placed to the side, and the heels are facing each other. In order not to get injuries, you must learn to fall correctly and this is best done on the side. It is important to try to relax, which will reduce the risk of injury. Another important point – learn how to unfold, which push the stick into the snow and turn the skis perpendicular to the slope, focusing on the passive side. Try to complete all of these steps, you will be determined, is it difficult to learn to ski and whether to move to the next stage.

If a newbie is ready for the first descent, you should go on the «splash» is a small slope where you can get the basics of skating. It should be possible to descend slowly and carefully, keeping the skis parallel to each other. Follow the slide down, taking the basic posture of the skier. Various bumps on the road must respond with springy knees, which will be the so-called shock absorbers. The upper body needs while riding to remain stationary. You can still go down, using the technique of «Tree», directing the skis from the center to the sides. Quickly learn how to ski with an instructor because he will be able to correct all the errors. If you decide to «fill their cones», then get ready for that training can take a long time.

Having got the basics you can move on to the pistes of the initial level, and choose the road that has a green check mark. Try to gradually move away from the technology «Tree» and ride, putting the skis parallel to each other. Speaking about how to learn Как научиться кататься на лыжах?good skiing, it is important to note that a huge barrier is the fear that often becomes a cause of injury. If being on the top of the mountain, feel the fear, it is better to get back on track is simple and to hone their skills. To safely let down, you must contact the instructors who will call the ski patrol and pull you on a sled.

Only after conquering the track of the middle level can move on to more complex slopes. Understanding how to learn to ride and a mountain ski, it is important to mention the moguls and big bumps on elephants. For such runs, it is important to be able to carry out turns. The peak of mastery – the descent from the jump.

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